Thursday, November 14, 2019

A very adorable octopus

Of course, all octopuses are adorable in one way or another, but #2 was really a good find because it was a. young b. small and c. not that afraid of humans yet!
So a win-win-win!
 This is #2 next to the slim red rock.
 And letting itself have some white in addition to brown...

Here you can see more parts of this octopus: eye, brown and white skin, and part of the suckers. 

Eye and siphon 

And a little bit of rainbow purple on its eye!

 And the following is what I saw at first...just a brown blob. It's the rocks they put outside their dens that sometimes give them away.
I did see another octopus, but it was hiding so well in its den that the photos didn't turn out. It's the same one I have often seen.
 I've been told these are some kind of eggs...two together looked funny, though, like goggles.

3 opercula on a penny! 
 This 3 spot damsel was guarding a coral head. Unfortunately, the other side of the coral head had fishing line wrapped onto it. I was able to get some of it cut off with my trusty scissors, but not all. 
 Cone shell. I didn't pick it up....thinking it was still occupied by the original animal. Venom is not our friend.

A pair of pencils
 A young filefish. Not sure what kind.

Honu swam through
 Humu about to hide in the hole to the right.

And more or less successful hiding. 
 A parade of Kihikihi

Lizard for my sweetheart!

And a box fish with sun on its skin, showing the colors and textures too.
 Moon and palms


 Part of today's trash. Also picked up fishing lead.
 Nice flower nearby

Seal on the beach. I was a ways away.
 Some fool swimmer lost goggles. I did pick them up and throw them away. About 12 feet down.
 Trevally irritating a snowflake moray.
 Whitemouth moray.

 And a nice treat: Zebra Moray!

Note that some stripes don't go all the way around.

And that's the scoop. Nice swim. Enjoying the start of winter water with fewer rough waves...

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