Saturday, November 16, 2019

No Jimmy

I discovered it's really hard to take a photo of a frogfish who isn't there! ha.
Still didn't find Jimmy. I just hope that Jimmy the frogfish is flourishing somewhere. But I do continue to look for him.

I was able to spot 2 octopuses. Again, #1 was hiding. But #2 was there, where it was yesterday:

 You can see eyes and the siphon. And a bit of suckers.
 This octopus protected itself well with rocks. 

Later, when I swam back by, I saw this:
I think the little guy closed up shop! I have seen them move rocks around, so it's totally believable that this one could have either moved further down into its den, or left to do something and put rocks to hide its den. They are very smart, and no matter how hard I try, they NEVER talk to me, so I don't know their plans.

Two little Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, about to hide..

One goatfish per trevally....hunting.
 I put my hand down to pick up a piece of glass and totally surprised the lizardfish! You can see its head above...
 Christmas Wrasse male. They speed through!

Hiding shells: first, the Snakeshead Cowry and below, the fleabite cone..
 Peacock Flounder

See the cool pattern and its eyes?

Juvenile Rock Mover wrasse, which hid with a piece of seaweed. They were both rocking and rolling.. 

 Love those antlers!

It challenged me, as the waves were moving us forward and back.
 Seal 2 apparently had an itch. It would be tough to scratch with those paws!

 Eyes wide open

Tummy skin issues!


 #1. Smooth skin, right?!
 Back to #2

Taking a look.
 Sergeant Major...they came right up to me, for some reason.

And the smaller version. So cute. I call them Sergeant Minor.
 Spotfin Scorpion Fish. 

 Squirrel Fish
 Two 3-spot damsel fish. They guard the coral heads.
 A loaded urchin...shells, plants, rocks.
 Hey! Why you bothering me?!
And now for the moon and clouds:
 Let me know if you get bored by these....
 Won't change what I do, but I will KNOW what you want. ha.

 Had to include the palm tree:

 Nice morning sky.

Oops! Seal #2 raising its hind quarters...
 Pencil Urchins

 Pinktail! Actually closer up than usual.

A cool fish, but they don't have the expressive eyes of the octopus. Just sayin'.

 And some folks just walk by this stuff, unnoticed!

 This cloud almost looked like a lenticular cloud.

Loved today's swim. Perhaps because I'm counting down to our move! (3 swims left, if all goes well, God willing.)

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