Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Very nice swim

As you know, for me, any day including a live octopus is a good day: and I saw 3 today! So I am very happy about today's swim.
 #1 octopus was over in the deeper side. I noticed the rocks outside its den first.
 Octopus #2 was harder to spot. If you look above at the brown stuff in the upside down v of the rocks, that's the octopus! You can see its eye just above and to the left of the red rock at the bottom.
 #3 octopus was in an odd place: underneath a rock. Normally, I see them in a hole in the bottom.
Here you can see the siphon (white) and the eye above and to the left of it in the photo.
 Here's the female Trunk or Box Fish. They always look very tidy.
 And the male.
 I like the following photo because you can see its eye easily. Usually, they are running away!
I am big into clouds and clouds with rainbows are even better! It didn't last long, so I am happy that I popped up at that moment, even if there was a bit of water on the lens.
At the bottom of the rock is a whitemouth moray eel.
 I only see these rarely..I think it's another type of humu. But not sure.
 I am sure this is a sleeping turtle or honu. People were being respectful. Thankful for that.
 This tiny Humu was about 2 inches long. So cute! See how the colors are more muted than in the adult?

I just learned these are Kihikihi aka Moorish Idols.
 This leaf fish was really hiding well. It had stuck itself up under a rocky overhang. I had a heck of a time getting any portion of it on film.
The tall palm tree and clouds

 Pinktail trigger
 The snoozing seal looked up for a second, then went back to sleep. That's my shadow with the camera raised to my eye.

 I love it when they are freshly molted...they look so soft.
 Another male Trunk fish and a brighteye chromis below.
This urchin had plenty of protective armor. Thanks for reading. Tell your friends.

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