Saturday, October 12, 2019

A surprise day in the water

For those of you who read my posts regularly (and thank you!), you may wonder why a Saturday swim is a surprise. Well, it's because yesterday we had flood warnings until 9 pm last night. Eek. That can mean flooding in the water, brown water, funky waves, etc. But thank God all was well. I saw 5 octopuses and 2 scorpion fish (or as my husband calls them Scorple Dorple....ha)

 #1 refused to show its face. But it did darken when I dove down to peek inside its den, so I was sure it was there.
 Again, now a great visual, but isn't it cute how #2 puts rocks outside its den?
 #3 showing eye and siphon
 #4 next to wana. Try to delete the sand in the water when you look at it....
#5 showing the eye
 If it hadn't moved, I would probably never have spotted this Devil Scorpion Fish! See the orange and yellow on its fin. The body is above.

Great camouflage right? You can spot the scalloped fins first. In the one above, the eye is above the lower fin.
 I'm surprised more people don't step on these guys.

Just in time for Hallowe'en, the orange and yellow of the fins.
 In the one below, you can see a slightly agape mouth and eye.

 Without that yellow and orange, they totally disappear.
Brighteye Chromis twins...maybe
 Big Eye Emperor! I'll bet this one was maybe a foot long, including the tail. This is the 2nd day I have seen it. I'm more accustomed to seeing the smaller ones.

 Male Trunk or Box fish tried to escape my lens. HA!

I think it's the juvenile of the Lei Trigger. 
 Morning Clouds

Palm tree for Alex!
 Big old red parrot fish getting a cleaning.

Pencil Urchins
 Rock Mover Wrasse

 Snoozing seal
 Snowflake Moray.  I wonder if it thinks we can't see it, since the head is hidden?

Road trip for two tobies.
 A bit of an urchin (purple) and the sand. So filled with lots of stuff!
 Wana. Anal sac is in the middle.

A seal wiggling up on the beach.

Yellow Tail Coris. All the colors and patterns still amaze me. (This is the adult of the red juvenile that has white spots.)
So happy I was able to get wet today. 

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