Saturday, October 19, 2019

No Jimmy

My husband called the frogfish I had been seeing Jimmy, after a ZeFrank video (look it up: frogfish, very cute). So now we are calling my little yellow frogfish Jimmy too! Sadly, Jimmy recently is missing everywhere! Well, I should say, everywhere I can get to. But I did see 2 octo-fish, so that helped.

They are great at camouflage! It's the brown blob with circular lines around its eyes. And if you're thinking it's me on drugs, not. This one was chased around a bit by a Rock Mover Wrasse and then clung to a rock.

He'e 2 was more out of its den:
The green wrasse was about to touch it, but it stayed still.
 Here, you can see its eye on the left and siphon below the eye.

 I did twinkle my fingers at it, but it didn't care....

Very glad for the colorful rocks, as this helps me find it against the sand-colored bottom. 
When I passed by this area later, the den appeared empty. I snooped around to see if it was swimming nearby, but wasn't able to spot it. They are great at camouflage!

I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Thankfully, it turned out to be a large honu, swimming underneath me. 

Spotfin scorpion fish, with that face only a mother could love. If you have any trouble spotting it (no pun intended), look for the yellowish rock. The dorsal fin is spread out against it. Or, look for the half-dark-olive eye. It never moved.
A couple of big cornet fish were in the Keiki Pond. Bad water quality. That's how I know where it was.

Female box or trunk fish with Kihikihi
 This urchin was snug in its hole in a rock. They bore holes into the rocks.
 Eel snout.

This is the first fish I saw. Goatfish with its nose in the sand, digging for food.
 Trevally and goat fishing together.
 Peacock Grouper, aka Roi. These are not popular, as they apparently eat mostly everything!
 Cute Humu

Moon and clouds
 You can see the similarity between the juvenile yellow tail coris, which has a totally red body and stripes.This one was a bit older, as it has taken on the yellow tail and some coloration of the adult.

Kihikihi group. If I type that enough times, perhaps I'll be able to remember the Hawaiian name for Moorish Idol.


A nice swim. The waves were a bit pronounced, but still some areas of clarity.

Pencil urchin out a bit more than is usual.

 Rainbow taken from the water.
 I'm happy that I popped up right then. They don't last long, sometimes.

This Rock Mover wrasse had just picked up the rock to its left and thrown it over to look underneath for food. Hence the name.
 You can just barely see the seal popping its head up. It still amazes me how different they are in the water than on land. 

 Tiny Humu

Trevally swimming near the Peacock Grouper. 

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