Thursday, September 12, 2019

Nice day in the water

A very nice day in the water. The waves had calmed down a bit and I was able to find an octopus near the frogfish. I hope one doesn't eat the other.
 You can see the siphon and the suckers.
 And the eye.

 Kind of acrobatic, really.
 You can see the eye, but not easily. And the leaning feet.

They do stick out, with that coloration. I do wonder if it hunts mostly at night.

Saw 3 octopuses today. Here's the one from the deeper side:
 You can see the Rock Mover Wrasse that drew my attention at first. The octopus, on the right, is harder to spot.

And then it went dark when I swam down.
 I do try to leave them alone...eventually.

Octopus #3: In the shallower side.
After I swam away, it popped up to make sure I was gone.

 A bit of sun on its head:

 A female Christmas Wrasse ventured by.
And following is the male of the same type of fish:
A small humu:
 Moorish Idol. Love those eyelashes.
 Big Peacock Grouper
 A pair of Saddleback Butterfly
 Can you see the flounder? To the right of the rock with algae on it. Look also at youtube: search for octopigirl7. But not yet! I haven't uploaded yet. OK, now you can look. I had to laugh: at the bottom of the youtube page, it asks if anyone in the video is a minor....well, this flounder, being small, certainly is! But no one will bother it. Very good at camouflage. Look for the tail, near the bottom of the photo.
 A Supermale Christmas Wrasse

Trevally and Goatfish fishing together. Not sure the goatfish agrees to this, but...
 The Trevally can be pretty forceful.
Another shot of the flounder. Just a bump on the bottom.
Very happy with the animals provided today. And the lesser waves. 

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