Saturday, September 7, 2019

blown out water and 1 octopus

These days, I guess you can't have one without the other. There was wind, waves, and tide coming up, so I was very fortunate to see anything at all of note. But I was able to see the octopus. When I take only 85 pix, you know something's going on. And I didn't bother to venture into the deeper side, 5-7 foot waves.....The surfers were digging it!

 On my first pass, I didn't see the octopus. Don't know if he just got home, or was hiding too well the first time. See below: he was peeking at me!

he's just above the k

You have to look really hard to see it, but there's a barracuda in the Keiki Pond! Look for the black coloring on the tail and it's up from there...
 Female Trunk or box fish

Pretty clouds and waves

 Sleeping honu

 Even amid all the waves, nudibranch eggs still are attached to the rocks.
 Palms and clouds
 Pink Coral for my sis-in-law.
 A very pretty Hairy Triton shell that I think still had someone living in it. So it's back on the bottom.

 Seal snoozing down near the hotel
 A starfish surprised me.

 Waves and waves and waves
 Bluefin Trevally. It was racing around. Never did find out what it was so excited about.
So not a great swim, but very happy to spot an octopus. It's all good. Thanks for reading.

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