Monday, September 23, 2019

What a day!

When I got back from seeing the 5 octopuses, I had to do paperwork and send it. Then I had to pick up a friend from the hour early! Just now, I can finally breathe again.
The first octopus was well hidden...look in the hole below the red rocks. The octopus has its legs around its head. Not easy to see, but definitely there.
 #2 was sitting next to its rock and above its den.
My "regular" octopus. Mostly out of its den, but not doing much.
You can see #4's body (same color as the sand) and its eye, peeking at me from its den.

This was a surprise octopus. First time seeing it.
 Wouldn't you think that white rock would fall into the den on top of #5?

And I quickly looked, but couldn't find the frogfish. I do hope no one snagged it to sell. 
I did pick up 2 pieces of lead weights, and the attached fishing line. And a horrible hook. This was from the deeper side, so no pix, as i wanted to get rid of that hook asap. Call me crazy.

Two small rock mover wrasse in the shallower side. They looked like twins.
 Can you see the small 3 Spot Chromis near the coral at the bottom? It was guarding.

Male Box Fish
 Brighteye Chromis

I can't tell if the earring I found was a real diamond. It looks really sparkly in person! Perhaps I'll get it tested. 
 Christmas Wrasse
 Awesome clouds. It rained on me a bit, too.

Three honu sleeping on the sand.

 And a Humu
 And needle fish
I laughed into my mask when I saw this urchin: it looked as if it had a crown on its head. ha.
OK, having now fulfilled my daily fun, I will sign off and think about dinner. Aloha!

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