Wednesday, August 8, 2018

big waves and funky water

Not surprisingly, we had some wind and waves. I am thankful that so far, it seems Hurricane Hector is passing us by. Hopefully without any damage to any of the Hawaiian islands.

So the water clarity was not great. I was just thankful to swim, even on the deep side, with no ill effects. Unfortunately, the octopuses apparently had all left town, being super careful about the hurricane.....
 Even I, who took the photo, had a hard time spotting the object of the first photo: it's a blenny! Find the red rock at the top, and look down. You'll see the little guy. S/he just sat there in its hole, so I was able to get a quick shot of her/him.
 Another Box Crab. Now that I know to look for them, I'm seeing more of them. But they do have to move in order to draw my attention. They look just like a rock if they are still. This one is in the center of the photo, with the two boxy arms to the left of center. 
 Loads of Brighteye Chromis. I smile when I see them. And, by the way, the octopus has not returned to the spot where the Brighteye was challenging it a couple of weeks ago! Apparently, the much larger octopus is afraid of the tiny fish.
 This eel might be a Dragon Moray. The first I've seen. Let me know what you think.
 The horrible fishing line and weight/hook. It took me ten minutes or so to get all that line wound around and taken out. I really hate those things! They are really deadly. Not only are they an eyesore, but that line, out in the water, can still catch animals, which would suffocate.
 Tiny Humu
 Small Lizard
 Nice shells.

And the urchin, with its anal sac in the middle. These are so pretty, yet so venomous. 

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