Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Was it or wasn't it? (3 octopus)

Since octopuses are such good hiders, sometimes you can look right at one and not be sure: is it or isn't it?

Octopus #3 I eventually decided was an octopus. It was cute too, because there was a very small but energetic fish that was hanging out in front of the octopus, just inside its den. Is it possible that the octopus has an early warning system, designed to let it know when an intruder is near?

See what I mean? I can see the siphon in the photo, but really couldn't see it in the natural setting. That's how photographs help. 

I never tire of finding these guys...octopuses, that is.

It was nice to also see a pair of Pinktail Durgon. Usually, they are quite individual.
 I saw another tiny Humu, too. It was afraid, but also quite bold. The hole just down and to the left was, I think, a bit too small for it to dive into.

A pair of Abudefduf, going in the same direction for once.
 Blue spined unicorn. These fish are quite prevalent on our reef. And I've also noted what isn't prevalent: bird wrasse. parrot fish. I am curious about why some fish, so prevalent on Oahu, aren't prevalent here.  Predation? Human, that Hanauma Bay on Oahu, one isn't supposed to hunt the fish.

This little boring urchin shows the result of their work: apparently, they bore holes in the rocks/coral heads.
 A Cone shell. 

 An eel. Peeking out of its hole.
 This Abudefduf had a big chunk taken out of it. I'd be surprised if it's still alive next time I swim. It did swim about as if nothing was wrong.

And a little Raccoon Butterfly Fish. So adorable.
 A tiny fish of unknown name.  Maybe it's a very small Lizard Fish. A smaller version of the one below. Another smaller one buried itself so well in the sand that I literally couldn't tell it was there.

Male trunk fish.
 The coral head where I have sometimes found octopus was empty again today. Perhaps the octopus doesn't want to fight the Hawkfish for territory?

This is the Mystery chromis. I will have to find my definitive photo guide to fishes to see its name.
 Pencil Urchin. I think these attract my eye because a lot of the ocean floor is sand colored. This stands out.

As does the pink coral. 
 Awwww....Cute male seal having a nap.

I think this may be the same urchin from yesterday, with glass attached as a protective measure.
Any day with octopus is a great day. I was sad to not see the same little octopus that I spotted yesterday. But rather than assuming predation, it might just have been out looking for breakfast! In any case, thanks God for your great creations.

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