Saturday, August 4, 2018

3 octopuses and 3 honu...coincidence?

 I saw 2 octopuses right favorite happening. The photo to the left is just one, however.  The "2 octopuses in the same shot" is a more rare occurrence!
 The first two were both in the deep part. The one below I found only because the Rock Mover Wrasse was circling and rubbing itself against the rock. Still not sure why they do that...maybe to irritate our pal the octopus?

Here's the Rock Mover and the octopus: the latter being on the bottom left, near that coral patch.

 This is one of my "regular" moves to one part or the other of a spot that I can find easily, so that's good! Mostly, the rocks look similar enough that I can't remember from one swim to the next...
 They wrap their arms around their heads, perhaps for protective purposes.

This was Honu #2. Swam right by me. Snapped a photo and let it pass.
 Honu #3. You can see the water wasn't particularly clear.

Look really closely: this is the hugemongous Honu #1! The pointy thing on the right was its foot. This is a really big turtle, I don't see them this large very often.
Two Moorish Idols

See the little fish? It's on the rock with the red gunk on it. I think it was a tiny lizard fish.
 And, contrary to my expectations, this Abudefduf was still alive! I had seen it injured on my last swim, so it was good and amazing to see it still around. 

Brighteye Chromis and pencil urchin. Both hiding in a cleft in the rock. 
 Cornet fish....I call it plaid. They are kinda plaid-ish sometimes. 

 And male trunk or box fish.
 Seal snoozing.
So glad for the octopus sightings. And for those of you that pray, please pray that Hurricane Hector misses our island chain altogether! And if you haven't had your mammogram as needed, please do that. I had a small postcard campaign recently to remind folks to get those tests done. That's how they found my breast cancer: early! and very treatable. So I am encouraging folks to get theirs. Tell your friends! And mahalo for that help.

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