Monday, January 16, 2017

Wow! Saw so much cool stuff, I'm tired!

This was a big guy!  But smoothly glided past me. (Check youtube octopigirl7 to see the swim.)
And a Spanish Dancer nudibranch and a file fish looking interested. Thankfully, the fish left it alone
I was conflicted when taking this shot: follow the file fish or follow the nudibranch? Decisions, decisions. There's some video of the Spanish Dancer on my youtube site, too..

I spotted three octopuses.  yay. 
 Definitely peeking at me.  Well hidden, too.
And a really tiny flounder...maybe 2 inches, all told.

Can you believe?!  Looks a lot like the sand.  But it has a pattern.
Scorpion fish:

Oh yes, with a face only a mother could love.. Didn't move at all in the 5 minutes I was taking photos.  Ambush indeed!

Juvenile Rock Mover Wrasse:
The move around like seaweed.
I think I see these scorpion fish and their family members because I swim so slowly, searching for octopuses, that I see them along the bottom.  This Hawaiian Green Lion Fish moved, but I wasn't prepared for video...drat.

Fortunately, shells move more slowly...that is, unless they are inhabited by a Hermit Crab....
Since I'm in the shell category...

I only take broken shells...and operculum!  Today, I was having trouble with my left hand's pointer finger...and I realized it was because the darn glove was filled with opercula! HAHA.
Octopus #2:

He was quite bumpy and had moved from under the rock to the right of the rock.  A wrasse was pestering him, swimming all around.  Of course, it wasn't ME pestering him.  I hope.

Lizard fish apparently standing at attention.

Box  or trunk feesh!
Bubble shell:
These shells are so small and fragile.  Even if I did harvest shells, I'd be afraid to break it on the way home.
And I nearly put a hand down on the flounder

So cool and so patterned like the sea floor. 
Ambon puffer:
Finally! I caught a shot where you can see the beautiful blue fin on its underside.  Love all those patterns, too.
See how sneaky they can be?  Another scorpion fish, just sitting under the rock, waiting to make a move..

And speaking of sneaky...would you see that octopus? 

I do not know what was on this Ambon Puffer's mind, but it was hiding within the rocks...I don't normally see them do that...
Just a great day to be in the water.  And had a wonderful walk with my friend, so I got even more exercise.  Life is good! Thanks for reading.

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