Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2 octopuses and a cute little Ambon!

OK, I will be the first to admit that since I had the car and nice weather and low-ish tide, I used some time yesterday and today for snorkeling.  My bad...

So today I must catch up with the job search, so this post will be short and chock full of pix:

Lovely sunrise:

I did think it was very nice for Mr. Chicken to sit there in support of being nice to the Hawaiian Monk Seals!

And I'm not much of one to take pix of food, but if you like horseradish, please find online Ree Drummond's coleslaw recipe with horseradish.  WOW!  Just sayin'! I'm eating some now, on regular salad.  Yes, I am a multi-tasker!  Please tell anyone you meet to hire me, because I can multi-task. LOL

So there were two octopuses...YAY.  
Octopus #1:

Number 2 was a bit more visible.  They are so smart that they use the light to hide, sometimes.  Ergo, the #1 was on the shady side of that overhanging rock... octopuses are no dummies!

And here was the Ambon puffer's face:
It is unusual in my experience that they actually look at me.  Usually, they run the other way. So I was glad to catch this photo today. Isn't it cute?! Love those colors.

There were lots of shells both out and about and hiding:
You might need to click on this, as the two cowries, one in the apartment over the other, were using the shade in which to hide..

And more of God's rays:

I didn't see this until I got the photos home, but there's a small crab with 2 blue eyes peeking out from underneath the shell.  A Hairy Triton, I think. See? I told you that empty shells get re-used.

And here are TWO mystery fish!  Oh, the stress:
They are both so small that it's hard to identify them.  I had seen the one on the left a few times before, but the other one is a new fish to me.  Perhaps some kind of blenny?

It swam kinda like an eel, too: wiggling rather than just swimming straight on..oh sweet mysteries of life..

See what I mean about shells hiding?  It was tucked up under the overhang of the coral/rock...
Good survival strategy: a swimmer would just normally swim over the top of the rock and would probably never see this shell hiding.  They are wonderfully shiny too, so another good reason to hide.

Another hermit crab, but this one is underneath a Turban Shell....take a close look.

And today's featured eel.  Not sure yet which one this is.  At first I thought it might be a zebra eel, but it moved fast and that's not the Zebra's usual demeanor; they are hiders, more than sprinters.  So I'll look it up.
There's also some video on youtube.com under octopigirl7.  This eel was making time!  and there's an octopus featured on youtube, too.  Yeeha!

I'll finish with the overloaded urchin:
You would THINK that they are just rocks on the bottom.  But if you look closely, you'll see the white spiky things.  This poor urchin thought it needed major protection!  At least the baggage is on the outside....

On to the job search!  And thanks for reading!

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