Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hawaii isn't always postcard pix!

I took the opportunity today to get out early and take some pictures.

Rain offshore.  Nice waves, too.

It occurred to me to mention: not all of the scenery in Hawaii is that perfect, sunny, postcard beauty!  There are these other kinds of beauty too.

The clouds are pretty all the time, though.  It is so nice to live 5 minutes from this lovely scene! It is in Lihue, near the airport.  It's called Ahukini Landing and early in the morning, no one but the chickens are about, so you can get nice pix.  Although, one still fights with the telephone lines!

Helicopters take off nearby.  But today, the only air machine I saw was the Hawaiian Airlines plane, bound for who knows where:

It was quite loud! And reminded me of my tears when, years ago, we had to leave Kauai.  Needless to say, I didn't really want to depart, but we were going onward with schooling for my sweetheart and that was the way to go.
The plane becomes a small speck.  I'm not sure if they got turbulence, with that storm going out at sea.  But I'm sure they are accustomed to dealing with lots of rain.  We have had quite a few trop storms coming by us this year already!  I will continue to pray that they miss us....

This is the view up toward Kapaa.  You'll think it's silly, but since we've been back, we haven't found a need to go this far....ha.  Far is so relative!  We used to drive all day when we were in Texas and think nothing of it.  But now, even an extra half hour seems like a big distance and obstacle. We will eventually go up....this time of year, the good snorkeling is on the North shore, so I do see Hanalei or Haena in our future.

I do find it fascinating how different the skies, waves and fog are every day.  One never knows what awaits!

Maybe just chickens and chicks:
I don't care who you are, the little peeps are so cute.  That's the only reason I knew they were there, since my head was in the clouds.  God is amazing.

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