Thursday, January 12, 2023

If computers were easy, I'd be rich!

 Hello! Long time, no blog. Old computer didn't want to celebrate 2023, so it's in the process of dying. Not a pleasure, but will be getting a new cpu asap. Can I just say oy vey! And now I know I'm a stress eater..not really news, but noteworthy.


I do see them sometimes.
These planes take off at the base.

God's Rays

Shelty..waiting for a car to bark at.

Fluff bucket. And not particularly yappy! Yay!

Rain coming

We have so many talented gardeners over here..I see lots of orchids!

I never did discover what plant this is.
The guy growing it didn't know either!

Crown of Thorns


I thought I was going to bust something, with the bow!
They do it to keep the ears standing up.

NOT Hubbel! Moon and streetlight.

I could never discipline this lovely dog! Luckily, I don't need to.

This crazy pooch likes to hide under the car...not a great survival technique!

She does love to escape her crate in the morning.

One of the cactuses on my walk.

We were thinking wire haired German pointer...but maybe Griffon?

She watches as I walk away.

She is alert to looking for chickens or cats.

More cactus

Roses are not #1 here on Kauai, but surely are lovely.

This is the 5$ bill I found on the ground. I was reminded that as a child, I found a 1$ bill and left it there, thinking others might need it more.....didn't do that this time!

She folds one paw to lie down, so she can see the cats and chickens better.

She is not a big fan of cars blocking her view!

dog yoga

I am happy to share a bit of Kauai. Glad the photos were still there on my camera, once we were able to download. I hope to have a new computer soon. God willing!

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