Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Merry Christmas

Does anyone else have this Christmas tradition?  We paint representations of our faces on a canvas. We now have 3 or 4 years of these. Including the kids, now adults, the parents and the auntie and uncle. It's very cute. Makes you think about what your "important" features are. (This is residing at my sis-in-law's house; I'll post a photo when I get one.)

The Moon, Jupiter and a star
Our Christmas tree, in darkness and light.

God's rays
Candy's Mom...more feisty than her daughter
Candy, in the morning before she gets let out.

The Pitbulls. One goes round and round. The others just bark.

Candy getting excited about my appearance. I did find out that when she has a bone to gnaw on, I disappear from her consciousness!
Moon and Jupiter

Neighbor's Christmas lights, being moved with the camera.
Lovely sunrise

Palm trees for my baby.
The Bulldog: I'll watch but I'm not running around!
We found out that without her collar, she does race after me and/or my car!

I don't care who you are, it would be impossible to discipline a dog with that cute of a face.

I have been accused of being bossy...but to quote Edith Ann, I am not bossy. My ideas is just better!
The ball I brought her was completely dirty in under 10 minutes.
Which didn't stop her from loving it.

She loves playing with her pal, the bulldog.

Escaping to see her doggy friend.


She looks surprised when I go..
A found ring. 
Palm trees and morning light
More of God's rays
The "please scratch my belly" position.
Candy's friend wonders why I don't pet her too.
This naughty horse made me call the cops: She had jumped over the slightly down fence and I was afraid she would get onto the road. Which she eventually did. Luckily, a man who lives nearby had carrots and was able to coax her back into her yard.
A neighborhood library. With me in my raincoat. Of course, it didn't rain that day.
Ending with God's rays. Always a treat. Hope your holidays are great. Be safe!

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