Sunday, January 29, 2023

Dogs and sad bird outcomes

 Nice dogs: German Shorthair Pointer (black and white type) and Boxer (brindle coat.)  Wonderful dogs!

The sweet Boxer loves the ball I gave her.

Watching for chickens and cats.

This type of dog was the kind we had when I was a kid. But ours was not black and white, but brown and white. Nice, athletic dogs.

She watches as I walk away.

And if you don't want to see the Nene, look away now. The poor things were hit by cars. 
The birds are investigated, so we can determine what caused their demise. Thankfully, it was not the powerlines. But vehicles that got them. So sad: the 2nd bird probably stayed behind to mourn its mate, but was struck also.
When you drive, please drive aware of possible Nene crossings! and moderate your speed. They usually won't move for you. 

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