Thursday, January 12, 2023

Back on the blog, part 2

It is nice to be able to blog, even if on my hubby's computer.

Below is a picture of the Boxer as I drove away. It warms my heart that she cares enough to watch my car.

Sometimes she moves so quickly, I only catch part of her face.
Roses and cactus

So delicate
Moon. Palm trees on my morning walk.
One of our local churches
Hawaiian flag and Moon

Downtown Waimea still has Christmas lights up.

Moon and streetlights

The clouds sometimes help the Moon and stars be more visible.

Not sure what bird this is.

Find the egret

Boxer yoga

After the recent fireworks, she was still freaked out, so she leaned against my leg for support. Poor thing.

This horse later escaped onto the roadway. We called the cops; the neighbor brought out a carrot to coax it back inside.

Some of the leftover fireworks mess. It is crazy. I don't like to burn money!

A free ranging dog, who walked tenderly around me.

If it weren't $4 million and so near the beach, I would think about it!

My hubby said these were unexploded fireworks. Who knew? (well, he did)

It must be so boring to be tied up all day.
She does love her belly rubs.

All of this is probably illegal, in addition to a waste of money.

At least someone swept the trash into a pile.

Indeed: Choose Love

I will have to look for my fireworks pix; they were professional aerials. I didn't have to drive anywhere to see them go!

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