Sunday, December 5, 2021

Enjoying Winter

 My niece called to wish me an early birthday. We agreed that 69 appears really old, but that I don't seem old. It is only a number, I'm told. I hope that I will have more healthy and happy years. If only I can get the darn puzzle done. HA. But it's only so that I can start the next one.

The onslaught of winter is upon us! Of course, in Hawaii, that means we run for our heavier t-shirts in the "cold". Which is 65 degrees. So different than in Michigan where I was born: gloves, boots, long underwear, hats, big pouffy jackets. Ah those days are long gone and good riddance.

But I will say that I enjoy the freshness of the air and the feeling that snow is actually possible. IF we lived near Maunakea. Which has had blizzard conditions. Yes, folks, that's right: there is blizzardy snow on Maunakea!

And since I don't live there, I don't have pictures of the mountains clothed in snow. But I do have other pix. Here we go!

Starting off from the animal department, not a great picture of the White Rumped Shama, who flew down to scoop up some bugs. He does have a white rump, but that can't be seen in the photo. If you have time, go to youtube to hear their song. The ones near us have developed a new song. Perhaps to stop my attempt at mimicking them. Very pretty songs and quite distinctive. I often hear them before seeing them. For those of you on the mainland, they are about the size of a robin.
Much bigger and cuter, here's a little Pomeranian mix. I'm not sure what else the dog has in its lineage, but one good thing is that it is quiet. Not a peep out of this little guy. He sniffed me, but apparently is not a huge fan of lavender. Oh well.
Butterfly and caterpillars galore. The caterpillars on this crown flower plant have really decimated the leaves. I'm surprised the plant survives. But I know it does, because this happens on an annual basis.

Two cocoons: one from which the butterfly has already escaped and the green one in back, still housing the butterfly. I wonder what the little gold dots are for? And do butterflies ever have a twin? My husband is one, so these things occur to me.
I counted 30 caterpillars on one tree the other day.
What the plant looks like. Pretty denuded, don't you think?
This house had been without a flag for a while. But a new one is up now. Glad to see it.
I will always stop for a Frenchie. This one likes to be petted, so he came over and after sniffing me, allowed a good scratch. The owner says he does snore. I blame the breeders, for giving them the pushed in nose.
I hadn't seen a Nativity like this one. I'm not much of a Precious Moments fan (and I'm unsure if this is one), but I did think it was interesting and different. I'll bet that more than one of the original people was black.
I finally caught a photo of the rose before the owner cut it off. She loves to take them inside to display. 
Mushrooms. Behind a stone wall, so I couldn't get close.
Another type of Crown Flower and the seed pod.
I do love the mini roses. Especially if they are pink.

Hole in the sky. 

Sometimes the sunrise clouds show up between buildings in our complex.

I was able to capture this lovely rose with some water droplets. My fave!

And rainbows. I always look for one when it is sprinkling. God's promise not to send world wide floods ever again.

Interesting cloud configuration. It's hard to capture their immensity.
Thanks to one of my walking pals, we have determined that these birds are green parrots. Escaped agricultural pests! And loud and squawky too.

Ollie was outside. See that paw, reached out to touch me? Well, it also has red dirt on it, because he apparently likes to dig. Sweet dog. He was conflicted again: do I want to talk to her or bark at the garbage truck? Tough decisions.
Here are your palm trees, babe.
A cloud rainbow
Another Nativity scene. Would they really have had a pig there? Are pigs normally indoors? Oh the questions I have...
Another cloud rainbow and, below, a Monarch flying over. There was a group of 3, but not all in the same frame. Again, you can see the leaves have been eaten.

I must look this plant up. They are abundant and so pretty.

I love this Hibiscus. Very pretty with different colors.
This lizard was enjoying the sunshine. The one below appears to either have a disease on its tail, or perhaps it was growing one back. 

I wondered if this caterpillar was about to be cocooned, since it was hanging upside down that way.

Not sure what the white stuff was. But I do enjoy the 2 headed-ness of these insects.
This really once was covered in leaves. The caterpillars have been working on it for a while.
Moon and palm tree

Luminosity. The closer light appears brighter than the Moon.

Of a much bigness:

Sometimes the rainbow is incredibly bright.
As are the clouds.

I laughed when I saw this Santa and his wagon.
Crown of Thorns plants. Still waiting for my plant to blossom.
My first octo-lawn-ornament of the season.

A very tiny moon.

Snoopy wishes us happy holidays.

Seeds just waiting to get started.
 No flowers this time, though.

See the parrot?

God's Rays. Sometimes I pray as I walk. He's listening.

Another US flag, accompanied by the Marine Corps flag.

Another lizard for ya, babe.

Did you know that Golden Retrievers have a cream version?

The Heineken tree is up again.

Unusual Hibiscus: white center.
Rudolph is ready. I'm excited about Christmas this year, because it focuses on Jesus and his birth (even though scholars don't think it really happened at this time of year), but also because I thought of an unusual present for my sweetheart. I'm not telling.

I was finally able to take a good photo of the joy-crusher sign.
It's funny how I can tell which street I was walking on when taking the photos...

I have started downloading all the pix from the folder and then weeding them out while writing the post. I find it hard to delete a photo. Can you tell?

I am thankful for chalk artists.
There is much to be thankful for. But uppermost in my mind is our creative God! He is amazing. And thanks for reading. Have a great Sunday.

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