Sunday, December 19, 2021

Getting ready for Christmas

 It was so hard not to put an exclamation mark on that title...!

A good week. Successfully got my new car door handle, although not without a little drama. But I have the new one now, so it's all good. And I had a birthday. And a mani-pedi. First one in over a year. Must get back to normal. What is normal these days?

I guess part of normal is the walks. I get around 4 miles each day. Mind you, I didn't say they were a fast 4 miles. But the walking is good for me.

And I'm doing puzzles, still. This one is Toucans. Three Toucans. And a lot of black and green. A challenge, but fun.

This cute puppy did want to play. He is an Australian Shepherd/poodle mix. Which became an Aussie-Poo.
And the most exciting was the German Shorthaired Pointer. It was serendipity that I even saw it: I slept late, which made my walk later. Had I been 2 hours earlier, odds were I wouldn't have seen it, as the owner wouldn't have been watering his lawn and driveway that early. When we had this type of dog (ours was not a pure bred) as a kid, ours was brown and white. Very energetic dog and very velcro-ish with the owner. 
Clouds and rainbows. As Kimo's rules say: no rain, no rainbows.

I love the empty cocoon! Especially with the water droplets. 

Rain in Honolulu
Seed pods of the Crown Flower. This type of Crown Flower doesn't seem to be eaten by the caterpillars as often. At least in my walking experience.

People do have fun with their mailboxes during this season.

I hope this butterfly was on the ground to dry off.....
Pinks and palms
Bunny. I think it's funny that the owner doesn't know the sex. 

How imaginative was God to create clouds?

God's rays

Christmas Moose
The view from the top of Akaaka street. The one that really beats me up with altitude.
This Hibiscus sneaked out through the fence.

Every now and then I am treated to large orchid viewings.
and Santa elves
It didn't dump on me. I find when I am prepared, the rain doesn't arrive.

Did you know there are pink Poinsettia?

Rain somewhere else...out at sea
and over the hills.
The butterfly is still inside..

I love this one! Nice cloud action and a rainbow.

I take many since I can't tell until I get home how good one is. God was busy with these clouds!

3 Cocoons and a caterpillar, still eating..
Four cocoons. I hadn't thought to look low for them, but it makes sense. I think predators would probably look high on the tree too. 
Green cocoon
Seeds with bee

Here's your lizard, babe.

The Mother of Thousands, as a bigger plant.
Green and red reminded me of Christmas.

Delicate white roses, with water droplets.

Caterpillars. Do they know that if they eat the whole tree, there will be no more food for later?!

I had a nice surprise on my walk yesterday: a present. The nice lady whose husband grows the wonderful roses thought of me. How sweet! 

Hope you have a wonderful, joyous Christmas. Remember it's about Jesus! He's my King!

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