Sunday, December 12, 2021

I'm hearing rain

 If you live in Hawaii, or you read news online, you might have heard we recently got flooding. I feel badly for all those who ended up with mud in their homes. I am praying that they get all cleaned up and return to normal. It's scary when you see photos of trucks with water halfway up the body of their vehicles. 

But thankfully, the rain I'm hearing is gentle. The main bad thing is that I've read we are going to continue to have at least clouds: that will mess with my plan to try to see Geminid meteors! The major viewing starts tomorrow. I'm told the Moon, being full or almost full, will also detract from seeing these meteors. But for Hawaii, I'm told 3 or 4 a.m. would be a good time to look. Here's hoping! And here's hoping also that I can drag my weenie derriere out of bed at that hour. I am usually awake, but not usually wanting to venture out. Fortunately, there's a park about 1/2 mile from my place, so I'll get the car and see how fortunate I will be.

Speaking of fortunate, I visited that park recently on my walk and was rewarded with the sighting of a cute French Bulldog. The owner actually suggested I take him for a little walk, so I took the leash and walked away. It was cute: he would walk about 5 feet and then turn around to see if his owner was coming. You could almost hear him thinking: Where you at?!

I love their little ears. Not a huge fan of bulgy eyes or snoring, but they are cute. And they each have their own personality. Very adorable.

Speaking of dogs, here are some others I spotted during my walks this week:

I protect the identity of the dogs I see, so I won't mention his name, but this Doberman was so sweet. I am always prepared to walk a wide berth around this breed, but this one was very friendly. Unfortunately, he also had to use the grassy green facilities, so he wasn't very interested in me.
Here is Ollie. He's behind a protective fence, but tries to get through to get a pat. His paws are usually covered by the red dirt he digs up in the yard and his claws are pretty strong, so I sometimes get in a quick pat on the top of the paw, but that's it. He runs with me as I go along. Albeit behind that fence.
This group is funny. Two Labs and what the owner says is a German Shepherd, but I think Belgian Tervuren. The funny part is that the 2nd Labrador just continues sitting (out of frame) while the others bark at me. Glad someone invented fences.
The t-shirt of a former Shih Tzu owner. 
This cute Golden Retriever pup kept bringing me toys to show them off. The first one (I didn't get a photo) was a Spiderman toy, at least 2 feet long. Very cute.
I didn't catch the smile of this adorable Corgi, but he was definitely friendly and a fur factory. I did get to scratch him behind his ears. I'll bet he's warm in the Hawaiian summer!

Two poodles. I liked their cut more than the frou-frou poodle cuts I normally see. I asked the owner if the dogs are as smart as advertised; he said Sometimes!

Hibiscus. I am amazed at how many varieties of color there are.

A pretty weed
And ah! roses

I think it's a zinnia.  maybe. perhaps. possibly. peut-etre...

The bee was hard at work. This is not as it appears: the yellow flower was on a plant that sneaked into the cactus' territory.
For my darling darling: ze Palm Tree!

This palm really wanted to reproduce.
I was surprised by the fuchsia flowers. I guess they do bloom more than once per year.

Bitter melon fruit. And below, the flower associated with the plant. Seeds below.

Clouds and rainbows
Here is one of the streets upon which I walk. I will keep trying until you can get a true feeling of the altitude!

I found these striations of cloud pretty and interesting. Let's face it: clouds are diverse, pretty and darned fascinating!

Rainbows abound. Kimo's rules: no rain, no rainbows!

My camera didn't have a wide enough lens to capture the rainbow, end to end.

Christmas decor. I like the double wreath idea. One for each door.
Christmas came early for the bunny: a fresh carrot.
These parrots are noisy squawkish birds. Surprising: the dictionary on the Google blogger thinks squawkish is misspelled. HAH.
Caterpillars still going strong. They have eaten nearly all the leaves on this Crown Flower plant.
And left a few cocoons to burst into butterfly-ness soon.

I loved the purple Rhino. And joy is always a good thing.

This little Saffron Finch stayed still for a while.

This Kolea (Golden Plover) scooted up the hillside on my uphill walk. 
White Rumped Shama. They will also flick their tails as they are getting ready to swoop down for a bug. You go, guy!

Apparently these Common Mynah can't read...

I will work on determining what this succulent plant is. I have killed a few of my succulent plants recently and have room for a replacement. Not sure winter, even in Hawaii, is the best time to replant. But with my deplorable record of finding the names of plants, we're probably safe until spring.

Have a great week. Thanks for viewing my God-given wonderful creations! Stay safe.

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