Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Most High

 Sometimes French speaks to me more...the Most High is always with us.

I am working on not using so many !! in my posts. We'll see how that goes. (Oh it was so hard not to use it at the end of that sentence...and this one.)

A good week of walks. I am listening to rain today outside my window. I was horrified to hear them cutting branches from the tree outside last week. I asked the guy where were the birds going to go? He said they could go higher. Why must we make them move for our purposes?

So we could put Christmas lights on the tree? Incroyable.

Maybe I should take that ! key off my computer keyboard. It seems to want to pop up everywhere.

This is a photo of the hardest hill in my walks: Akaaka street. It is strenuous and very uphill. I do have a good feeling of accomplishment when I make it all the way up, though.

Ah the rainbows were out.

And God's rays.

This is Lucky. He is a Border Collie and very bright and cute. I first met him as a very adorable puppy. He is a service dog at hospitals.
The Moon figured prominently in my photos recently. But now it's directly overhead and hard to lean back enough to see.
I also like to capture rain in the mountains.
Pink roses are always a fave. 

Other flowers are good too.

I love seeing the flag, however it is displayed.

My camera is not quite able to catch the entire rainbow. Double one below.

The fawn Doberman looked at me for a few minutes. Then he decided to bark.
This little cutie below has a great personality.

Husky? Malamute? I really must investigate which is which.

This little German Shepherd stayed back near the car, but barked anyway.
Nuff said!

We are currently having a caterpillar extravaganza. The butterflies are also evident. Also their empty cocoon cases.
Defying gravity. And leaving poo.
This one chose to eat the flower. Not the usual choice.

Palm tree for the man in my life. Oh and the moon, too.
More pink roses. 

The difference with these 2 is the flash on my camera came on.

I like to think it's a Corgi. (I made a compound dog name this week: Basenji and Corgi mix: Basen-gi!)

This is a nice poodle puppy that is quite skittish. Was it something I said?

God's rays again. Every day different.

Bunny didn't deign to come over for a visit. Perhaps he's still mad about the asparagus gift he didn't want.


Lizard and friend, below

I cannot get my Kalanchoe to turn red yet!

I was bad this week and bought us each a doughnut. When it came out of the bag, the interior cream made it stand up on my plate.

More Christmas lights

The one above reminded me of Chartres: they had light shows on the walls of the buildings and churches.

Cloud rainbow

Rain far off
Paki says hi to Lucky. They did already know each other.

The long awaited Monarch butterfly.
Caterpillar meets butterfly

Lots of damage to the leaves. I wondered since the plant is apparently poisonous whether that would transfer to the caterpillar...protecting it from prey.
I counted 30 caterpillars on this one tree of Crown Flower.

Drying its wings, perhaps.

Two butterflies on the same tree.
Pineapples still growing strong.
He was so cute. Wanted to chase and play, so I did. I even allowed him a little doggy lick on my hand. Perhaps my allergies are lightening up.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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