Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The dogs made me do it!

 As you may know, I am working on posting just once a week. But today, the dogs made me do it!

This poor, stoic bulldog was hoping that the smaller yapper to his left would shut up! I know I was. The bulldog just sat there, looking off into the distance, perhaps hoping for a girlfriend or at least a quiet housemate.

And I don't have a photo, but there was the cutest, quietest dog. One of those small fluffy ones. I told the man that he had a good and quiet dog. Then I asked the man what kind of dog it was: he replied "Shi-tzu and... What's that other dog?" I said Maltese? He said YES! So I told him about my dog name combo exercise while walking; his dog made me come up with malti-tzu. ha. It would probably be more Malte-tzu, but malti sounds funnier. He did laugh.

And the quietest dog of all. No poop. No walking. No stress.

It's amazing how hard this photo was to take, and not get identifying info in the shot!

As I was looking for my car after shopping, I came up with this:

You may think I'm really slipping and in some ways I am, but in Hawaii, there are so many silver cars! And further, so many silver Toyotas!!! This decal collection is my saving grace. The only problem is that you do need to be behind the car. HA.

My friend gave me this cool Octo-shaka decal. Cool, huh? She actually knows the person who made it!!

I have renewed interest in these flowers. They are small and unassuming, but pretty. I like the ones with a bit o' pink the most.
No, it's not just the garbage bins: note the 2 Saffron Finches having a confab beyond the green one. They flew there because I am apparently intimidating.

I call this one Coming Soon to a Garden near you! I shall have to remember to look at it again soon, as I'm hoping the flowers near the top actually become flowers.
I like this succulent. 

How many  pieces of plant matter do we think a Sunflower has?! They also have lots of busy bees. It was hard to find one flower among this collection that didn't have at least one bee working on it.
Pineapples of the day

Light behind is so important.

I noted the green one today, near the ground. Apparently, not yet "ripe."
If you need something to read, find Hope Heals by Jay and Katherine Wolf. A heart-warming, sad, insightful book about a mom and spouse who has a stroke. Sounds like a downer, but it is actually uplifting, as it details all the suffering this couple went through, but managed to keep God in control. 

Have a wonderful day. And thanks for reading!

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