Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Surprise early post

Rather than overload the weekend post, I'm going to show a few pix from recent walks. Just 2 hopes that I don't just add a lot more from one day. I heard that my favorite place to swim has recovered from too many people in the water...but still no announcement when they might reopen. So my exercise will continue to be walking, apparently.

 Orchids and roses, mostly.

 The one below I call the Cheetos flower. Wish I hadn't mentioned that: I'm working on dropping some weight. So far, my fingers are skinnier...ha.
 Frog and orchid. I am really enjoying the clay figures people put in their yards.

The weed everyone tries to exterminate. This one had filaments rising up for some reason.

How does the middle color stop from going all the way to the edge of the flower?
 Kolea on a roof. Won't find much to eat up there!

Lizard running away.
 I had to laugh at this lizard on the angel's head.

Watermelon in the yard that also has pineapple usually.
 Mexican Poppy had 2 flowers this time.

This is the Orchid I finally purchased. Now if only I had a tree to attach it to.


 These flowers grow on the bush....a few only, always a surprise.
 The layers in a rose amaze me. Makes me think the other flowers are slackers.

I don't see very many red orchids!

The Saffron Finches are even more flighty lately. Caught 2 in this shot.
 White orchids

I don't know this flower, but enjoy the fuzzy middle.

Hibiscus nice shade of color; with buds.
 I love the Plumeria before they open.

And after they do, sometimes I am fortunate enough to find them with water drops.

Wispy clouds
 This flower also was new to me. The pinkish strands lie along the white part, then they rise up.

 Creamsicle Hibiscus. Reminds me of those Creamsicles we had as kids.

 Another Kolea on the roof.

 YAY! Someone had an octopus on their mailbox. Probably the only one I'll see today...

 This cute little dog sat still and quiet for almost the entire time I was walking by. 

Another mystery

I am certainly enjoying seeing all the flowers and noticing how people are so imaginative in their yards. 

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