Monday, September 28, 2020

Lots of nice fleurs!

 Today, I will probably simply put some pix from the last week. I had a great virtual women's conference, Own Your Influence, over the past 2 days, so I got a bit behind in posting.

I know I said I wouldn't add much commentary, but I've been thinking of these as "rainbeaus" ... guess I miss France!

I thought it was cute that they used someone's walker to encircle the plant:

God's rays. I never get tired of capturing their images.

I spoke to this Golden Retriever. Until I did, he was lying quieting near the fence, with his nose sticking under...then, upon hearing my voice, he woke up and began barking furiously. I told him he wasn't being a very friendly Golden!

Fake sunflowers...

Too cute! Someone bought their kid a Minnie-mobile!

I enjoyed spotting the small flower on top of this succulent.

Enjoy the wonderful world God gave us. Even more important in these difficult days. And just as a further point to ponder, one of the women who spoke at the virtual conference this past weekend had suffered a life threatening stroke. Hearing her story made me realize how incredibly small my "issues" are! 

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