Sunday, September 13, 2020

Don't climb the tree!

 I stopped to take some photos today. The man in the yard offered flowers to me and added "But don't climb the tree!"  HA. I told him that with these knees, I don't climb trees.

Also, I don't like taking flowers. I told him I'd rather take their picture. Word.

A couple of jaguars eating breakfast.
Red red roses

I have been neglecting these pretties.


Big clouds and palms

This little orchid and pot were attached to the trunk of a palm tree.
Still a mystery: I did actually try to look these up, without success.

I like these double hibiscus.

Early morning water drops

A nut/seed we found on our walk.

Lizard watching the plumeria
Nice painted rock
More of the neglected pretties. These flowers are actually really small, so I am able to magnify them with the camera.

Part of the flower from one of my new orchids.
And one of my yellow roses. Yes, I'm trying to keep plants alive!
And my succulents. Came 3 to a small pot.
Mystery flower.
The variety of orchids really astounds me!



Clouds and wisps
I've been seeing a lot of daisies. They seem so optimistic!
Nope. Don't know what it is. Do know it's complicated and fascinating!
Kolea looking for breakfast.

Another new plant.
Orange rosebud with drops on leaves

Um. I wouldn't put this in my yard! But then, I wouldn't hunt either, so I wouldn't normally have them to display.
All orchids are cool.
One of the Cereus family. The yellow kind.
I call 'em helicopter weeds. And a bee either coming or going.
Pale pretty rose
A series of God's rays photos:

More helicopter weeds.

Mexican poppy with flower

Roses with water drops

More roses with drops

And la creme de la creme: the cereus!

Star fruit

White orchid with drops
Yellow nice flower. I think there might be a squash or melon hiding underneath.
I love that the Creator felt we needed pretty drops inside...
and little tiny hairs.
So many layers and shades of color. Oh so pretty.

Delicate white

Lizard overlooking its domain.

A piggy in jail. (Behind the fence.)

HAHA. For my friend on Kauai.
The mighty day blooming Cereus!

God's rays
Pink hibiscus with light from behind
My little garden.

Lizard getting ready to run away

Orchids from my new garden:

This nice rose came with 3 friends in one big pot.

My new succulent, below:

White rumped Shama bird in tree. (White bars on tail.)
My succulent with water in the middle.

Here's the other dog that had a raincoat on.

The walks this week were rife with pineapples! (All in jail, though.)
Orchid in my new collection:
Daisies? Very pretty, whatever they are.

Another mystery. Like I have that kind of time!

I gotta keep watch on the Kolea.
And notice God's rays

Cacao plant! This was in the yard of a very nice man who let me snoop. He admitted his wife has the green thumb..
Day blooming Cereus. Couldn't really get close enough to catch the yellowish middle.
I laughed out loud! This cute 3 year old bulldog had his rain slicker on. He was very well mannered, too.

New blue. These were small, but mighty and pretty.

Two toned rose

My very favorite pale rose

Closeup of the flower inside the Bromeliad cup

And the crazy cool buds on the edges of the leaves of the succulent.

More pineapples

Blue attracted my attention. Turns out these are fake flowers.....lazy gardener apparently.
Hibiscus not yet open for the day.

Lotus for Julie

Is it Lotii?

Lotus w Koi

I usually don't even eat pineapple. Perhaps that is why they don't fear me...

Somebody had a he'e decal on their trash receptacle. It's a sad day when that's the only one I see! 

All in all, too many pix, but I enjoyed taking every one. Thank you, God!

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