Sunday, May 5, 2019

Best Friends

I found this in the water today....sadly, pretty beat up and the black cord attached to it was grungy, so I'll remember it from my blog post. I also found this:
It was in the water near the beach, so I tossed it up out of the water onto the beach. I hope whoever lost it, finds it. But good luck: there was sand all throughout the tube. They'll have to take it apart to get all that sand out. 

And I saw 3 octopuses and a flounder! Whoop. A red letter day...
Octopus #1 just above the orange.

 In this one, you can see octopus #3 with some of its pretty blue coloration near the suckers.
 The green part on the rock helped me find this one again today.
 Octopus #2 out in the deep part. The circular things at the top are near the eyes.

 The Rock Mover Wrasse is what first attracted my attention. See Octopus #2 just below the fish's one said octo-viewing is easy!
 Same octopus, a bit closer. I zoomed down.

And to the left, octopus #3 in its den. I would bet it moved those rocks for protective purposes. Yes, they are tool users.
And now to the flounder. Look also for the video on youtube . Search for octopigirl7.

The poor flounder thought that zooming away would make me stop following. Didn't work.

 Again, lighting helped.

I love how the light captured some of its patterns.
 And the light helped with this Ambon Puffer too: you can see the brilliant blue anal fin above and the face below.
 I'm thinking Intelligent Creator, aren't you?

Hawaiian Hogfish
 Nudibranch, hiding underneath a rock.

Pinktail Durgon in the deep side.
 Plumeria flower on the ground at my friend's house.

Some little trevally swimming around.
 Snowflake moray

 Trevally and Christmas Wrasse
And the my continuing attempt to have people NOT walk on the sea floor, just imagine stepping on these babies!

Nice water and good viewings. Ah. Life is good. Thanks, God!

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