Saturday, May 11, 2019

4 Honu

Yes, there are 4 honu! Hard to see the 4th, as it is up on the left hand side....hard to get them all in the shot. And glad to report that the people were keeping a respectful distance. Happy about that.

There were great camouflage artists in the octo-community great that I wasn't able to spot any. In my defense, when I first arrived, the No Swimming signs were posted at the entry point to the deep side. This is where I've been seeing the octopuses lately. Almost two hours later, when the lifeguards showed up and took down the signs, I swam over, but the rip and current was quite strong, so rather than be stupid, I left the deep part. I enjoyed the swim, even without my octo-pals. Here's what else I spotted:

I only saw this box crab because it slid down the side of a rock....It is just to the right of the white shell piece..If you look carefully, you can see its 2 side arms that are closed in front. It looks like a smile, sort of.
 Moorish Idol. Looking lovely as always.

And the other side of the lovely coin, with a face only another scorpion fish could love, is the Devil Scorp!
In the preceding shot, you can see its mouth, with a bit of blue and orange. Ambush predator at its best.
 Palm trees and clouds
 A parade of clouds
 And plumeria flowers. And in any of my flower photos, there's always a bug! 

And nice waves for the surfers. 

So a low key swim, but nobody drowned, so it's all good!

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