Tuesday, May 14, 2019

2 Leaf fishes, 1 flounder and one gigantic peppered moray eel!

And you may have noted the lack of octopus in the title: 2nd day that I didn't see any! I am hoping that the seals, turtles and fishermen are not eating them all. 

So it was still worth battling the waves to swim, especially on the deep side where there was also a big current, to see all these creatures.
 This little guy is a 3 spot chromis...one spot on each side and then the cool turquoise spot on its head. It was guarding, as they do, some coral nearby. I was happy to be able to catch this shot, as they are so small it can be challenging to get them with the camera at all.
 Peppered Moray eel. It is difficult to get a good shot when you're trying to get out of its way. And they swim with their mouths open usually, so you get the feeling you're bait. I didn't want to be prey.
 A different color of urchin...very poke-y.

Bluefin Trevally swimming with a goat fish.
 And Christmas Wrasse trying to get a moray eel to do something....the moray hid under this rock.

Fleabite cone shell, I assume with the original animal in it.
 And the flounder. For the video, go to youtube.com and search for octopigirl7.
 Magic carpet ride.
 And trying to disappear on top of a rock. The bumps on the left are the eyes.

 Turtle having an early morning nap. The marking in the sand near the bottom was the trail left by another honu that dragged itself up on the beach.
 I have been thinking of these as horn shells, but will look 'em up again....Not sure the name. 

 Leaf Fish #1. These are so named because they totally wave back and forth in the current, just as a leaf would.

I thought that Leaf #2 could be trash, as some plastic is shaped like this, but it was actually another Leaf fish, but the light colored variety.
 And the Lizard Fish.

 Someone had lobster for dinner or breakfast. Left just the shell.

Trunk Fish male
 Pencils over on the deep side.

More of the peppered moray. This shows you the entire animal. When it was swimming around me, I thought it might be 5 feet long, but now that I see the photo, I'm thinking maybe 4 feet. Needless to say, I didn't swim up to it with a tape measure.
 A Snowflake Moray. Head on the left, tail on the right.

A nice swim. Always enjoy seeing octopus, but it was not to be today. Here's hoping for next time!

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