Saturday, June 2, 2018

Seals and eels

I have been seeing a lot of seals and eels lately. Perhaps that's to blame for the SKUNKING I took again today: no octopuses! My hubby said GOOD CAMOUFLAGE! :( I enjoyed the swim anyway, but always miss my little 8 legged pals when they are hiding too well.

Below is the adult of the Yellow Tail Coris...just below is the juvenile. You can see the start of the purple on the young one's tail..

Here is my beloved Ambon Puffer. I do so enjoy the patterns and colors.

Sadly, this Pencil Urchin had been someone's breakfast or dinner. The inside looked like bloody flesh. I thought of collecting it, but we are moving and I'm trying to avoid getting more stuff! The red of the pencils doesn't last anyway...they turn a pale tan.
 God's Glory: nice rays through the clouds.

Confluence: this is where the one pond meets the other...When I first arrived, the water was pouring over the rocky area between. There was quite a rip, too. High-ish tide.

Cowry shell hiding.

One of these eels that could have been pestering the octopuses! 
 I don't know if Snowflake Morays can eat an octopus, but this Christmas Wrasse was keeping tabs on it anyway.

More pretty clouds and palms.
 Honu having a nap on the beach. People kept away, too. Thanks, people!
 Male trunk fish.

The moon...i guess there is a good reason to come to the beach early.
 I am unsure what these fish are. I thought at first they might be half-beaks (in the needlefish category) or barracuda of a different type. I'd look 'em up in my books, but they are packed already. If only I had a computer...ha.

 I definitely know what fish this is! The devil scorpion fish. This one moved along, perhaps because it didn't like me hovering over it, but didn't show its under fin colors.
 This seal was barking at people...probably to get them to move back. It had no place to land!

A small urchin...maybe 2 inches across. Very cute.
 Seal appears to be asking me what I'm doing....I was stuck between the shallow pool and the deep pool, as he paused there, deciding where to come in. So I ended up swimming down to the Waiohai to come in.
 A well documented attempt to come up on the beach. These seals are amazing athletes when in the water..not so much on land.
Good swim. I hope to figure out where all the octopuses are.

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