Saturday, June 9, 2018

A barking seal, two octopuses, two leaf fishes, and more

It was a very nice swim today! Started off with this guy swimming from the kiddie pond to the deep side:
 The seal glided back over from the deep side to the kiddy side....I did the same thing two hours later: it was like a roller coaster! Didn't have to kick at all; the current swept me over and into the shallower side. That was great fun! Normally, the current goes from kiddy to deep, so this was a surprise and a total hit. Felt very cool.
 Here is Mr. Barky on the deeper side.  I liked the layers of this photo: the big waves, the smaller waves, the seal, then the other waves. Thankfully, the big waves didn't impact me too much, although it did contribute to the bubbly-ness of the water and the funky visibility.

Here he is, barking. You can see his mouth is open. He didn't like us on his beach. Of course, we backed up, so he could come in as he wished. He did for a bit, but then swept back out.
 And then in again.  Strong currents apparently don't concern him.

 These two pencil urchins were in small holes about 8 inches from each other. I wonder if they knew they had neighbors?

 We recently celebrated our 20th...cake from Japanese bakery nearby and Prosecco which we shared with our lovely neighbors!
 Lizard fish for Alex. It was probably 3 inches long. Very cute and very fast.

Basket shell, maybe an inch long. I love the textures and colors.
 This urchin had chosen wisely on the armoring: a cone shell piece! These are pretty strong shells, albeit one had been broken. It takes serious crunching, I would imagine.

 Cowry shells, bottom and top. These two shells were about a foot apart.
 This, believe it or not, is a crab which had stuffed itself in a hole in the reef.

Flea bite cone shell.
 He'e #1. The octopus in the hole (see the white siphon) was, I think, awaiting my departure, but also waiting for the cone shell with Hermit Crab inside to fall into its den. Which it did. Before I departed, it was trying to claw its way out of the hole again, but the waves pushed it into the octopus's den. I feel pretty sure that the octopus had a small snack.

 Above, he'e #2. It's hard to see, but it was in the den just above the pale green algae.
 Juvenile Rock Mover wrasse. Looks a lot like seaweed.

 Two leaf fishes today. Both yellow. And both hunkered down, awaiting lunch.
Mr. and Mrs. Box fish
 A nice and clean looking green spotted puffer fish swam through the scene. I didn't make it mad, so it didn't puff. Needless to say, they look totally different when puffed!

A nice duo of Saddle Butterfly Fish. When you see one, you look for the other. 
 Turban Shell. I think this one had a Hermit Crab inside, from the way it wiggled. But I didn't pick it up. This is the shell that produces the opercula that I collect. (Which I did many times this past two days.)
Very happy and thankful to God for helping me spot octo-fishes. I had thought perhaps they were taking a break, especially with all the seals in the area. Thankful to be able to spot 'em!

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