Saturday, June 2, 2018

Paris, j'adore!

Well, I wouldn't argue if you said I LOVE Paris! Have since I was a kid. So here are the pix from the recent trip.
 Buttes Chaumont white dog.
Crinkly white flower (please forgive if i already posted this pic! I love it)
 sad cuttlefish

Domo at the eiffel (well, close!)
 domo stay hungry

 this would look different in Hawaii
 Charlize Theron. I am totally in awe of Charlize Theron! Last time we were in Paris, her face (and this ad!) were EVERYWHERE. So I looked for her this time. Always a beautiful image.
 Klimt metro. The Metro is a great place to see what's on in Paris.

 We didn't visit the McD's, but smiled to see it.

 my fave water in France
Hard to say no

 crinkly pink

This is as close as we got! Sacre Coeur

 Au Printemps (a store in Paris..we like Galeries Lafayette better...)

very pretty fleur 
 Alex, Domo and the Easter Bunny
 they have crazy people in this store!

Galeries Lafayette 
 During the Christmas season, there's usually a huge tree in the center of this store, usually hanging upside down.
Ah wonderful. Don't miss it! Paris, that is!

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