Saturday, September 9, 2017

One octopus! woohoo!!!

It has been kind of you not to mention it, but I haven't seen octopus in a while...until today! yay! OK, look away, Barbara and Perry! I was celebrating seeing my first octopus for a while...

In this one, you can see the siphon and eye...very cool. The eye has lines radiating out from it.
 Look closely at this monk seal: it's moulting! Theories abound as to why they drag themselves further from the water when moulting.  In this case, nestled right up next to what I think is Naupaka plant on the beach.

Seal #2 sleeping peacefully on the island.  the water was jamming, but I'm glad to say that they had taken down the Beach Closed sign, so I was able to go in the deep end.
 Juvenile Rock Mover wrasse.

Orange shoulder surgeon a yellow phase.
 Two 4-spot butterfly. It's fun to say that.

Clouds, waves.
 Clouds, palms. I didn't crop this one...i wanted you to see the majesty of the scene!
 Indo pacific damsel.  Very pretty.
 Scarface Blenny. I rarely get to see them sitting out like this.

Arc en ciel (rainbow)
 Sadly broken piece of coral.

3 Moorish Idols, all together.  I guess one was the parent...but I am guessing..

A great day. And now for a restorative nap! Thanks for reading...

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