Saturday, September 16, 2017

Octo toilet

I agree, it's crazy, but there are auto-on lights to illuminate the toilet bowl. My husband has mad skills. I thought the octo shower curtain looked cute illuminated with the purple. 
Box fishes actually not running away! (Well, it did eventually, but maybe they are getting accustomed to me. Nah.)
 Octopus. Yay.

Cleaning station with blue spined Unicorn fish taking advantage.

 I'm not sure what these 2 grouper were up to, but eventually one sped off.
 The threadfin butterfly fish swam up to me at first. When they figured out I wasn't planning to feed them, they swam off.

I hadn't seen a pinktail durgon for a while, so was glad to see it here.
 Nice pink coral. Unfortunately, this piece appeared broken off.
 Hebrew Cone

 A surprise Leaf Fish in the big pond.

 Boxes, everywhere.
 Juvenile Rock Mover fish

 I like the "antlers."

 I popped up and there was a rainbow!
 Older Rock Mover wrasses....maybe brothers or sisters. I cannot tell the sex.

Interesting orange rock.

This was a tiny humu and
 then it sped into the hole.
 Urchin. Nice colors.
 A mess of Moorish Idols! and Rock Movers to the right.

 Flea bite cone shell.
The water was surprisingly mashing me about.  But it's all good! Nice to get back into the water.

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