Monday, September 4, 2017

Ah, the kiddie pond again..

I could easily be wrong, but experience has shown that more octopuses are spotted in the big pond than the kiddie pond.  So guess what that means...yeah, 3 days of no octo-sightings. sigh.
I did see some cool animals. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:
 There were seals snoozing on the beach. I was early, too, so no one was pestering them. And they were roped off for protection.
 A teensy-tiny humu. gotta love that.

I found the same Drupe shell from yesterday in the same spot on top of a rock. So I brought it home. So far, no one is living in there. Thank God!
 Four Moorish idols. It's unusual to find them close enough together to get 'em in one frame.

Very shiny cowry shell, stuck to the inside of a hole.
Male Trunk fish. And that's all she wrote. Have a good day!

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