Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lovely place to work

Well, kids, I started my new job at National Tropical Botanical Garden! What a lovely place to work.  Literally!
These are called powder puffs.  Wonderful, right?
And the sky toward the ocean is different each day.  Yesterday was a bit foggy.  I actually couldn't really see the ocean until lunchtime.
Clouds, too:
It's very nice to have trees and plants, instead of telephone poles...

There is even a pot bellied pig, eating in the yard, on the way to work. I smile each time I see it.  I must stop and take its photo for you...

Pretty yellow flowers with water:
I will do my best to learn what these flowers are called...but hey! It's my first week.
And I took this one on Valentine's day.  My first day on the new job:
They look just like hearts, and I thought the water droplets looked pretty too.

Misty view before the sun really came up. This is about 12 steps from where I currently work. The lunch time views are incredible.  And there's birdsong, too.  We have red tailed tropic birds, cattle egrets, pretty sparrows, Japanese White Eyes, White Rumped Shama and even Francolin.
And we have pink:

What a great Creator God is, right?
There is quite a variety of flowers.  And NTBG works to have native flowers, not invasive species. 

We also have a seed collection and a Breadfruit Institute!

I'm going to get a tour next week....hope I have time for a few pictures.

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