Sunday, April 24, 2022

Spring is upon us

 Spring has definitely arrived; the tides have turned. Which for me means that I will have to go to the North Shore to snorkel, as the Waikiki side gets bigger waves in the spring and fall. And more rain.

Some dogs are just so chill! Love being able to scratch behind their ears. And it seems as if they understand what I'm saying. (And no, I can't prove that!)
This little bulldog lady seemed very chill, until I put my hand out: she ran behind her owner. I noted the bandage. Apparently, being heavier, they can get pressure sores on their feet. Who knew?
I love these tall trees. And the moon just under the cloud on the left.

If I focus on a nearby object, the Moon can also be captured by my lens.

Lots of nice roses. My rose plant remains flower-less, but I did add some fertilizer, so here's hoping I will have some nice smelling blooms soon.

Lots of pineapples nowadays, too.
Pink Plumeria. My favorite kind.
BIG clouds

Two Shiba Inu. It is still pretty rare to see a black one.
Love the orchids. My 3 are also blooming right now.

This one was just a bit longer than my thumb. So cute.
Hole in the sky
Ollie with the blue eyes. VERY energetic dog.

Seeds ready to drop and grow new palm trees.

Cloudy but nice day. The clouds have interfered with the Lyrid meteor show! I can watch it online, but it's just not the same.

Venus. I am quite curious about these photos. When I am taking the picture, I don't see the other lighted objects. Could they be stars that my human eyes can't see?!

Moon near clouds

I am unsure if this was the International Space station. It was supposed to be visible. It didn't act like a plane. But with my camera's limitations, not sure. If you want to be able to see the station, go to spot the They warn you when to expect it and at what location. Fair warning: it's usually visible only for about 6 minutes. I go early when it's still dark.

More holes in the sky

Bitter melon with green fruits and yellow flowers. The riper fruit turns a nice deep orange color.
Seeds but not sure what kind. If only they would put labels!
Annatto flower and seeds. I'm told they are used in cooking, but haven't tried 'em yet.

A very cute Maltese, which decided to turn just at that wrong moment.
You just have to laugh, they are so cute!
Saffron Finches. Nowadays, I usually hear their little chirp before I see them.

I can imagine God creating roses: "Let's see, some should have pink outside, with pinkish orange inside. Oh and make some of them smell lovely."

I don't think my husband would agree about this pizza.
Did you know Crown Royal comes in many flavors? And Bulleit in cocktails. But for $17.99, I'll pass. The cans were just about soda can size. Are they kidding with that pricing? And who would pay $15.49 for a bottle of Crown with the cola already in it? Not this chica!

But I would pay a lot to see Venus and/or the Moon in a setting this pretty. Luckily, I don't have to pay. Just the cost of gas to get to that area.

These 2 dogs were so cute: purple and pink hoodies!! hahaha

This German Shepherd is sometimes lazy and takes a while to come to the fence to bark at me. I can wait. It's def a big bark! You wouldn't catch me going into that yard.

Lilikoi still present. Not sure what the fruit below is.

Hibiscus in a very nice shade.

Top of Akaaka, my hardest and most hilly route.
Rainbows. No rain, no rainbows. Arc-en-ciel in French.

You can barely see the bow in the clouds on the left.

You might think they are birds, but really, 2 military choppers.

This is the coolest Husky! It hangs out there, looking for a pat. Which I was only too happy to give. And the allergies are staying away, thank God!
I was able to briefly pat the bunny's nose.
More Bitter Melon flowers
Sometimes pineapples are small and just too stinkin' cute!
This plant was over 6 feet high. I guess the height might help the seeds disperse?

This makes me smile: this Lab goes to get a bone or a toy and then comes to the fence. Sadly, can't go in someone's driveway, so I have never petted this nice dog.
These are mystery flowers. I now have a pretty good app for plant i.d., but it takes time to do it, so I don't usually stop. After all, I will stop for a dog. But only occasionally for a plant i.d.

When we lived on Kauai, chickens were the thing. Here, they are more an oddity.
Really long cloud. There's probably a formula to determine the length, but so far, haven't figured that out.
My fave colors of bougainvillea.
I still can't believe it: a lady was out watering her garden. She gave permission to go into her yard, as she said the scent was great. Then she went into her house and cut 3 roses for me! I was smelling good all the way home. (For the record, I would prefer that no one cut the roses; I much prefer to see them on the vine.)

I know where the coolest orchids are!

And some of these pretty flowers have returned, after months of waiting. It is something to see, when the bees get going on these blooms.

Guy Fieri recently did a show on Hawaii. He and his companions visited the Pau plant. So I picked up a small bottle. We didn't taste pineapple, which we had hoped for.
Roses captive in the elevator.
I found a half dollar on the ground recently. And now it's in my collection.

I still enjoy catching water droplets on plants.

A small Pitbull Terrier. I say more Terrier than Pit! A little bit nervous, too, although when the owner's gave me a small treat, she did take it from my hand.

Who had an Easy Bake Oven as a kid? We did!
This gardener did a nice job in their yard.
I think these are Hens and Chickens cactus. But don't quote me!
Bee going about its business.

This cat was happily perched on the bumper of a car.

And the Sheltie. So adorable. His fur is really soft and plentiful. And no sneezing!

Have a wonderful week. Thanks for reading.

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