Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Easter!

 I am attending a new church - in person!

Covid really messed with people and their ability to attend any events in person. But if you are on this planet, you already know this.

I do continue to use my mask in stores. And I will get my 2nd booster asap. I am hoping that the major portion of the pandemic is over. We will see.

I am still able to see neat dogs. Some have a barkish attitude. Those I leave alone. But the nice ones get a good scratch behind their ears. And it hasn't, so far, made me sneeze. Perhaps my allergies are lessening. I remain hopeful about that too.

A very nice doodle. This is one of the friendliest doggos. Still a puppy, but keeping that energy going. The doodles are supposed to be hypo-allergenic, and so far, that is true.

Note her cute nose: her pink and black coloration is adorable, and a great identifier.
One of the yappers. It did back up when I talked to it. But continued to bark. Sometimes that's just what the doggos do.
Above, a nice Shih Tzu. She wasn't barking, just breathing.
This one is "oh, 40 or 50" according to the owner. Nice Poodle.
This was the most gentle Husky ever! I have never petted one so chill. Soft long hair that didn't make me sneeze. Yay for that.

A trio, consisting of the Sheltie (in the raincoat) and two other dogs that apparently stick close to home, as the owner does not leash them.
Above is a Bernedoodle. Also quite well behaved. And smart.
A West Highland Terrier. Cute and friendly.

A cascading yapper
This dog barks so hard, one can hear him even behind glass. He has a Poodle compatriot, who didn't show up today. Perhaps too smart to waste the energy.
Here you go, babe! And showing its orange throat patch.
OK, I know it's not a dog, but there's just something neat about a bunny.
These are the 2 Goldens that I normally get to pat, but on this day, they were behind the inner fence.
I had to laugh: this yellow Lab went to get his toy to show it to me at the inner fence. So cute. It was ok with me, because it mostly stopped him from barking. He is protective.
Lilikoi. And below, this is what happens, apparently, if you don't pick them.

Pretty pink and red combo roses. They are small but mighty.
Above, a cactus flower. One of the biggest I see.
Easter must show Crown of Thorns.

I can forget people's names, but I do remember where to find the pretty flowers.

The top of my most difficult hill. Well worth the work.
You can see Venus in the middle. And a streetlight on the left. 
God's morning show is quite lovely. Getting up early does have its rewards.

Looks like a painting, doesn't it?

Hole in the sky, with palm trees for my sweetheart. Happy birthday, babe!

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