Sunday, April 10, 2022

Adorable Doggos

 I don't know if you like French Bulldogs, but if you do, look for Griffin Frenchie on youtube. You won't be sorry. You can even look for a really cute episode: Chin Resto. Really cute.

And on to the adorable doggos and other things I found on my walks this week.

This is a wonderful mix of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle: a Bernedoodle!

Posing in between licks.


Someone is really good with orchids!

I like this decoration: Hello back.

Roses in their many colors

The flower below is plentiful and I don't know its name. 

There are still some cocoons waiting to open.


Amazing clouds
A nice sentiment on the side of a food truck/van.

Water lily

So pretty.

Finally got a photo of a lizard! And cactus.

Above are air plants. Apparently, you don't even have to water them. My kind of plant.

These cactus have a little "jar" at the top. Not sure what the function is.

Not sure why, but I really enjoy this picture, with the roughness of the wood and softness of the rose.

Venus peeking through the palm trees.
Crown of Thorns plant and flowers.

These guys kept quiet...until I talked to them. They were quite combative with each other, too.
There be mermaids.

Another one of blue-eyed Ollie.
A duo of Golden Plover in their breeding plumage.

Nice Boxer was very quiet. Nice dog.

I'm thinking this caterpillar was about to change into a cocoon.
Have a great week. Appreciate all of God's wonderful creations.
And thanks for taking a look.

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