Sunday, March 6, 2022

A new church

Today, I plan to visit a new church. I have driven by it numerous times, and with Covid abating, I now plan to get back into meeting in person! I am vaxxed and boosted and go in hope that others are too. 

Morning photos taken during my crossing guard duty.

God's rays

These roses make me want to grow some!

And seeing cute puppies, especially those who don't bark!, make me want one, too.

Still trying to identify this plant. Do you know?

The Mother of Thousands plant

And the Crown of Thorns. This is one of my favorite color patterns.

No, I'm telling you! This Corgi WAS smiling!

And this Golden Plover had on his breeding tuxedo...but he didn't turn around for the full effect.

Crown Flower. This one didn't have caterpillars.
Roses against the sky


Cactus with its flowers
Two Saffron Finch. I am seeing fewer...I'm told some finches migrate and some don't. If only they could talk to me.
Roses finally came in at the store. The scent of these were out of this world.
And they are calling this a cactus. I will look at my plant app to determine what type it is.
Pokey cactus. They do tell you that it's not whether you'll get poked, but only when.
There was a huge cactus on city/county land that disappeared. But sometimes little shoots pop up. I plan to let them loose and see if they take hold in my lanai garden. The others from a few months ago are doing crazily well!
The varieties of cactus are truly amazing.
Hibiscus and below, roses, of course.

The baby pineapples are out and about now.
Ollie came to greet me, then left me in the lurch when another dog came by....

Pink is my jam.
Cocoon and caterpillar. The cocoons are numerous right now. 
Should I end with a bug?! I am working to take fewer photos, so the blog isn't so long. I enjoy the photos. So many pretty and interesting items to capture. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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