Monday, March 14, 2022

I may take a post break!

 In an attempt to keep my blog fresher, I may take a break from posting for a while. I haven't seen any octopuses; flowers are pretty and interesting, but octopuses always kept me hopping. Roses and other flowers and dogs are cool, but I don't want to continue to repeat myself. I'll see how it goes.

Also, as a side note, I do not promote this blog on any social media platforms, except google blog. I do occasionally post something on octopigirl7 on youtube, but that's it. I'm told that's why I have low numbers of views. I'm ok with that. It started out as a way to preserve my photos and it is successful for that! So I'm good. And I do thank those of you who take the effort to view my offerings.

Two holes in the sky!

This cute little Corgi was smiling, but the sun on the lens obscures that, unfortunately. But I wanted to include this very energetic little guy, just for his enthusiasm.

The new rose plant. It dropped its leaves in less than 3 days. Guess I am accustomed to how long orchids last.

The rose did smell amazing, so I kept the petals even though they fell off. And also in the little bowl is an operculum my sweetheart found in his pocket. Ah, the joy they bring me. (I have over 15,000 of the little things. They close the opening on some shells and can be found on some beaches. No shells were injured in their collection.)
Succulents I do not know the name of.
Lovely white roses with light.

Some folks are definitely more skillful with growing flowers than I.

Often, one dog will get the other started...

The I assume violet above was a new one for me.
And zucchini. I tried to plant and grow some years ago and had no success. Upon consulting a brighter mind at UH, I was told that perhaps I was lacking in fertilizing bees. And that I could paint pollen on them to get zucchini. I opted to continue to purchase zucchini.....

God's rays. Sometimes I  just have to stop in awe.

I am not going to say Ollie was disinterested in me this week. But  will say that when a little dog hanging out the window of a passing car moved by his yard, he disappeared entirely from my view. Guess he likes other dogs more than me.

Beautiful Sheltie


Crown of Thorns plants

And pretty reddish roses

This dog was so young and adorable and bouncy! It is a mix of Border Collie and Poodle. I've named it Borde-Poo or Poo-bord. 

This dog moved its smaller companion out of the way so it could bark at me from behind the closed door.

Bunny bounced up to see me, then bounced back down when he discovered I had no treats.
Venus over palm trees and rising sunlight.

Caterpillar and cocoon bonanza

Again, thanks for reading. I enjoy sharing the natural bounty of Hawaii.

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