Monday, February 28, 2022

February already over?!

It could be just me, but it seems time has sped up. All the projects I thought I would accomplish upon retiring however,, such as organizing my thousands of photos, have taken a back seat to....jigsaw puzzling! Really enjoying the puzzles for the most part, but I am learning how NOT to choose them: don't get 'em if they have lots of similar colors and lines. And, try for original pieces. It is quite irritating if a piece totally fits in the wrong spot.  Yes, this can happen.

The puzzle below was fun: lots of distinct shapes and colors. And pretty when complete.

God's rays

The valley at the top....always congratulate myself for that climb.

A very nice Lab, who immediate threw herself down and opened her belly for a scratch!
Water droplets on a rose. 

Forgive me if some are repeats. I am having an issue with file names!

Very hungry bugs! I love how their green balls of poo are in a little line.

These are the ones that I'm trying to i.d. for purchasing opportunities.

Crown of Thorns' nice flowers

The only pachyderm outside of the zoo that I've found.

The following were from my recent swim! You can see the water wasn't 100% clear, but still clear enough to enjoy.

From my garden.

German Shorthaired Pointer! This one was totally drooling/working on a tennis ball.
I was surprised this dog didn't bark; he barked at previous customers at his fence.

Here's your lizard, babe! I did find a live one, too, but it ran too quickly.

He leans on the metal fence so I can pet him. 

Thanks for reading and enduring my repeats. I'll be more careful with repeats in the future!

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