Sunday, February 13, 2022

Puzzling my way through the afternoons

 I am really enjoying putting together puzzles. I finally had to go to 1000 piece puzzles, as the 500 didn't keep me very busy for long. I am currently on a Mucha trend. Nice artist. I found out that my brother is a skilled puzzler, and appreciated his help.

Above is Venus. My camera isn't designed to get astronomical shots, so I try to put close in objects, in this case, palm trees, in the shot. I focus on them and get the celestial object as a by-product.
Silky terrier. Very cute dog. The back of her sweater said WOOF! ha
A white Shiba Inu. I don't see these very often. Also a very nice and cute dog.
Orchid from my lanai garden. It finally bloomed again, after months of waiting.

Roses in a garden on my walk. I was wishing for smello-vision.

Rainbow. We got this beauty, which turned out to be a double rainbow, after just a splinkering of rain.

This was a rainbow (arc-en-ciel) that was so big, I couldn't get it all in one shot.

Bougainvillea with 3 little flowers.
Bird of Paradise
Pineapple, still going strong.
I loved these stones. Especially the Be Kind to all Kinds one.
Two colors of Hibiscus living peacefully side by side.
Arizona Memorial, in the center, the white building.
Ocean. Still gotta get back in.
A group of roses
My favorite flower color: pink. 

Yellow Plumeria
More bougainvillea, with green and white leaves, too.

Oh just the normal morning loveliness.

The taller one produces pale brown flowers.

Another demonstration of how I can miss things when focused on a flower: didn't see the ants when I took this picture! 

Drat! Another flower I have to look up.
Very prolific cactus, with small blooms.
Nice grouping of gourds

Another favorite rose shade.

Hole in the sky

This Mallard swooped over my head and landed across the street. Unusual to see.
Barely there Venus in the morning sky.
About to become a fab pink rose bloom.

My pal puts a lot of garden gnomes in her area of the garden. Very whimsical.

It's funny: sometimes I forget what day it is, being retired and all. But I do remember where the pretty flowers are on my walks.

An usually colored Hibiscus, with a gray center.
Turns out this is Lavender!
A covid sign. Essentially, there's nothing you can do in this area.
I think this is a Haworthia succulent.
Hibiscus, followed by Plumeria. White with yellow.

Another hole in the sky.
I hope to see the bunny again today.

Two-toned rose. With water droplets. Very pretty, 
Hole in the sky with palm tree.

Closed hibiscus

At the top of the valley

Nice clouds

Part of Lantana. I like the plants because they have a lot of diverse parts.
The street that seems straight uphill sometimes.
Mallard again. I am hoping it's a pet, and not lost.

I was able to show my brother what Lilikoi looks like on the tree.

Cactus and succulents

Crown flower

My favorite shades of Bougainvillea.

Here's Ollie! He has really blue eyes. I patted his nose and when he offered his paw, I declined (long claws), so he walked away and vanished inside the doggy door. Nice dog.

A Golden Doodle. Very friendly. And bigger than I expected.
Double rainbow
I thought of Moses and the burning bush: the insides of this tree, being dry and brown, could catch on fire, leaving the green outer not damaged. Maybe.

Hibiscus again. And below is the plant I haven't yet id'd.

Ending with God's rays! Hope you have a wonderful week. Those who are watching the Super Bowl, please stay safe and enjoy the game. Don't annoy the neighbors!

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