Sunday, November 21, 2021

New k-cup machine

 I was going to call it a keurig, but it is made by sboly...of whom I have never  heard. But the coffee came out fine, so it's all good. I was going to comment that I had to wait for a medication to go down before I could drink coffee, but I'm on the green side, so no complaints!

We did have a wonderful cosmic event: beaver moon with eclipse! I was able to drag myself out of bed at 11ish to see it. Quite interesting. I figured I should see something that last happened over 500 years ago. My pix of the event were less than stellar (no pun intended) but here's what I got:

I have found that putting something nearby next to the celestial object works...somewhat! The streetlight is on the left and the moon on the right. It was disappointing to not be able to see any of the Moon's crags, but I enjoyed being out there anyway. I had walked previously to the little park at the end of our street and was rewarded with many stars. Too bad all this has to happen in the dark! And while I am usually sleeping, I might add.

Kinda ghostly isn't it? The tree was what I focused on.

Even though I've been walking for several months (a year?!), I still see flowers that are first timers.
And then the Plumeria, in all their color combos.
Interesting clouds

My Crown of Thorn plants have yet to issue flowers....
The inside has filaments that welcome the bees. I can limit my garden's plants to those that don't have lots of bees...the hubster is allergic.

More Plumeria at a nearby park.
I try to imagine how one gets color on one side of the rose petal, but not the other.

Apparently, I haven't gotten over my love of pink flowers.

I found another Magnolia tree, with seeds bursting.

I am tentatively identifying this as a Begonia.
I have never visited Africa, but somehow these clouds and trees bring it to mind.

I got carried away by the sun on these clouds.

Apparently, the cloud is limited to 25 mph.

It was a fabulous light show.

I was surprised to find a water hole cover from India. I hope my friend who lives there is doing ok.
This water pot had lots of Water Lilies.
The caterpillars were out and destroying the Crown Flower plant leaves. I have heard the milk from this plant is poisonous.
And there were cocoons galore.
The Monarch butterfly that emerged.

These are my favorite bougainvillea colors.
He was surprised I wasn't petting him. Hard to get fingers through the fence. Besides, his pal was barking his head off. Odds are that I won't be getting a dog, but if I were, it might be a Labrador Retriever.

I don't know what the fruit was, but it was almost a foot long.

These are Lilikoi.

Moon coming up.
The sea, which keeps evading me. I thought of getting in the water, but then had a spot of vertigo. That's a hard no! Nothing like dizziness with wave action.

Even more Plumeria colors.

This is the view from my hardest hill (Akaaka Street).
You might think these are spots on my lens, but they are stars and Venus.
A nice Doberman. Once she stopped barking, she wagged her small tail.

The bunny didn't condescend to get up upon my return down the hill.
Moon, streetlight and Christmas deco on a house.

Probably the best shot of the eclipse. Not good, but at least I was out there.
The White Rumped Shama, awaiting bugs.

And now, on to the Lizard Corner:

Seed pod of Crown Flower had burst open.

Caterpillar and the round, green poop balls. I thought they were quite orderly looking.

Very happy to see the butterfly emerging from the cocoon. It was waiting, I think, for its wings to dry before flying off.

I was surprised that the empty cocoon was clear..the full one is green.

Palm trees for my sweetheart.

Sometimes, putting nearby stuff in the shot does work.

The cactus remnants from the big one someone took out.
The Board of Water Supply's property hosts several of these fuchsia Plumeria trees.
Roses in a yard.

Enjoy your Sunday. It amazes me how quickly the year is heading toward Christmas. Thanks for reading.

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