Sunday, October 17, 2021

Walking and still searching for joy

I have been walking for exercise for long enough now that I feel odd if I don't walk. I take this as a good thing, because walking has helped me take off 25 pounds! Of course, some came back (I guess they were lurking out there, ready to move back in) because I love to bake: breads, cookies, Garlic Knots and scones. But I am working to limit my intake. It does help to give some away. Home alone is the trial.

I see the freckles on the rocks, as a reminder of recent rain.
God's rays!
It's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The owner admits he is overweight! 55 pounds. Quite unusual for that breed.
Lizard, getting ready to run away.

I hope that my Crown of Thorns flowers are as pretty. Mine have yet to bloom, having just arrived within the last week.

Kalanchoe. You apparently say it with a K sound, instead of a ch. KA-LAN-KO-EE
Chestnut mannikins, getting ready to go down the slide. 
Big seed pods
Roses on Kahapili Street. The dogs didn't bark! Those little yappers must have been inside at the time. Just one of the many things I am thankful for.

And from the animal zoo,  dinos and tiger. Oh my!

Crown flower of a different type. I love how the flower gets ready and then literally bursts at the seams.
Surprise orchids. Tiny but mighty.
Starfish plant. Stapelia Gigantea. Aren't you proud of me for looking that up?

And the biggest mushrooms I have ever seen in the wild. They remain there...I saw 'em again yesterday.

And I saw the Sheltie again yesterday, too. He doesn't care much for me...or perhaps he's just anxious to get going on to the next sniffing tree.
Kolea paused, then ran. And repeat. And repeat.
My favorite weed.
And pretty purple flowers.
Hole in the sky with palm tree for contrast.
Rainbow and palm tree

This crazy plant! Pretty flowers, hairy seed pods and multiple seeds.

Joy. Still searching for it.
Mother of thousands in someone else's garden.
This dog's owner was totally walking along and talking on the phone. Poor dog! Totally ignored. And so pretty.
The lady who has the rose garden also loves ceramic items. Like a Ceramic Pumpkin Unicorn. Who thinks this stuff up?!
God created lovely roses. And they also often smell lovely too.

One of my collection of Saffron Finch, that I keep outdoors throughout Hawaii.
This is what happens when you take your sunrise photo without stopping first.

The Lab still holds her Frisbee! The owner says sometimes she carries other stuff, too. I asked if she ever holds an egg. (Labs are known to have "soft" mouths.) She said no, because the dog loves eggs. HA.

Stephanotis. These are often used in weddings, I'm told.
It could have rained, but didn't.

The yellow flower of the same plant that produces the fruit below. Bitter Melon.

Another hole in the sky.

A barely there rainbow.

I need to find out what plant this is. Would love to buy one!
God's rays again.

Rainbow overlooking the palm trees. So Hawaii, right?

Another mushroom
I caught this scene by putting my camera behind me and snapping. Didn't want to burn my eyes out with the sun.
Pear tree. Wow. Wish it were in my yard. I have a very hard time choosing pears in the store. Can't tell if they will ripen eventually, without spoiling.

Some of my fave pink flowers.

And the yellow variety.

Hibiscus before it wakes up for its day.

Bright red Cardinal, resting on a fence. For a second! It flew immediately after I snapped this one.

Tower of Power! Remember that band? What is hip? (Look it up on youtube. Great song.)

So thankful for all the lovely scenes, dogs, flowers, clouds, rainbows. Life is good. Maybe I found joy after all.

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