Sunday, October 31, 2021

Trust the Rabbit

 My husband came up with this post title. Sadly, I can't remember what we were trusting the rabbit for! I was recently surprised that the rabbit had no interest in the asparagus I brought. Perhaps he likes it only from cans?!

Turn your back on it, why don't ya?!

The bunny liked the bag of grass better...

I do love flowers, especially when they have rain or watering drops.
Moon trying to hide.

This French Bulldog was missing his pal, who had to go to the vet.
I wonder if this totally destroys their window view?
Yes, Christmas is my fave holiday. Hallowe'en, bah humbug!
I couldn't get the light right on this little guy (he was behind a fence), but he was holding Candy Corn! One of the really good candy inventions. My opinion.
Quick and out of focus little lizard. There you go, babe!
More of the Annato flowers. Apparently, the seeds are used in cooking. They make your hands orange, too.
I only spotted one caterpillar. But he was going to town on this Crown Flower plant!
Nice clouds from our back door.
Surprising rainbow
More watered plants, this time Plumeria.
I had to laugh: this Lab always likes to bark at me (while also wagging his tail.) But this time, he didn't  want to let go of his bone, so he only made a low growling noise.
This is the Hallowe'en I like: happy and charming.
The Sheltie is ready to roll. He did make the circle but only when a loud truck went by. One day I'll catch it on film! I have goals....

Have a safe Hallowe'en. Watch your kids like hawks. Stay happy and healthy.

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