Sunday, October 3, 2021

Rainy Sunday with Bunny, Dogs, Lizard oh and 2 pigs!

Any Sunday with a cute white bunny is a good one. This time, I remembered to bring our bag of carrots, so the bunny was happy. 

The cute thing was that even though I gave him the carrot, he still hopped away with it, as if he was afraid I would take it back. Like I could be that cruel!

One of the ladies who walks on a great street spotted the feral pigs:

They were after mangoes that had fallen on the ground. The little black one disappeared when we arrived.

I'm thinking that someone has been feeding these pigs, because the bigger one came right up to us, as if asking for more food. We weren't prepared with food...I probably would never feed a wild pig. Who knows what they would have in mind?

My favorite Sheltie. He is a cutie!
This is the Lab who barks, while wagging his tail. 

Lizard for my sweetheart. It stayed for the pix! They don't normally do that.

This poor Brazilian Cardinal thought he was talking to another bird. He kept hitting the mirror with his beak. Bound to be disappointed.

This lizard didn't stay around for long....see him on the upper left of the top piece of plant.

I enjoyed the areas that showed the light coming through. Fire down below.


Can you spot the Chestnut Mannikins? They are the same color as the dirt, almost.

Another smaller lizard.

Kolea. Golden Plover. They step, then stop. Then step again.

Neighborhood Saffron Finch, watching out for bad behavior.

Loads of Lilikoi

Crown of Thorns flowers. I got a plant; we'll see how it goes!

God's rays
Holes in the sky

Land of the Free because of the brave

A neat gnome in one of the rose gardens
God's rays, different day

Rainbow hiding amongst the clouds

I didn't see any UFOs but would never say they don't exist.

Chopper overhead

I am a true Hello Kitty fan. But I don't have an HK spare tire cover.
I love wet flowers.
Amen. Give thanks in all things!
I had to laugh: the signs says Beware of Rottweiler. HA. This little guy did have a big bark, but was no Rottweiler. He was a good guard, though.

And that's it for this week. No octopuses, but I remain hopeful to swim again soon.

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