Sunday, May 2, 2021

Nice dogs, good weather, flowers, etc.

 Looking forward to the possibility of getting in the water again. I waited until the 2 weeks after the 2nd vaccination shot. That's what I was told was the timeline for being fully protected. My brother, who works in Public Health, says that even if a variant gets me, being fully vaccinated helps you not die of the virus. I'm all about that!

So don't be surprised if I can figure out the online reservation system to actually visit Hanauma Bay and take a few photos. Are we behind the concept of having octopuses in this blog again? I know I am!

Three little pineapples from the yard that has the roses. I think they are the cutest.
Nice clouds
Clouds and the moon

Mystery plant

Two different wall treatments
This patch of pineapples has been discovered to now have 20 pineapples. Wow.

Golf tee and octo socks

Remember carnations? I love their spicy smell. We don't often see them here in Hawaii.

Oh so ready to bark at me! They got into a fight a minute later. I left the scene before they remembered me, outside the fence.
Another mystery plant. 

I found out that the lady who owns this corner of land has no idea who paints these rocks and leaves them. What a nice surprise.

This cat didn't care that I took its photo. I don't think it really even noticed! That's the diff between cats and dogs....

I haven't seen very many Kolea lately.  Hope they are off breeding somewhere..

Two Saffron Finches wondering why I was on their sidewalk.
This type of lizard isn't quite as skittish as the other ones I see.

I walk by these steps, near someone's house. If it were my property, I would have a nice comfy reading chair at the top.

This is the oddest flower! It starts out closed and then pops open.
Nice water drops

I am always surprised at plants that work this hard to stay alive. 

I wasn't sure if they really meant it. But I was on a walk, so I wouldn't have been happy to lug the aloe vera all the way home...

This very friendly Golden Retriever really wanted a pat. When I didn't accede, it came out of the yard to try again. It sniffed me really a lot. I think it was surprised that I wasn't able to pat it. I guess he didn't understand about allergies...

More flowers that really want to live.

This very cute dog kept its cool, even though it had a very barky pal in the same yard. Props to you, pup!

I love how the water drops stay round and in place on the flowers.

These birds hadn't figured out yet that I was sneaking up on them. They flew off once they did.

I do wonder why the water droplets don't fall down. Seems as if gravity would pull them.

A very nice week of walks. Only rained on me a little bit. Seems that when I take my umbrella, that usually fends the rain off! Have a great week. Stay safe and masked. Please pray for India and their covid dilemma!

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