Monday, May 10, 2021

Back to Flowers!

After a brief foray into underwater swims, we are back to pretty flowers. And cloud pix are also a def possibility.

Totally had to laugh: these cute little dogs (not yappers!) had little booties. Upon talking with the owner, she said they are helium balloons! I'm not sure how she keeps them on their feet, but it was really funny to think about..since it's Hawaii, I guess they don't have to worry about cold feet.
Another cute non-yapper. I always thank the owners for being good. I run into too many yappers on my walks.

Couldn't get a great shot of this artistic peacock piece, as that would have required me to go on the owner's property. But I thought it was nice. The best way to have peacocks...the real ones can be aggressive and noisy.
This reminds me of a ballgown.

Shows the booties a bit better
Wanna buy a vet?
A white Shiba Inu. Very pretty and calm dog. Love the curly tail, too. This might be the first all white one I've seen.

Pineapples are out now. But too young to eat.

This bud above is the envelope that pops open eventually and makes a big flower.

I was blown away by the number of little purple flowers! Usually the most I see is 3.
A very nice Pomeranian. I am having to reassess my opinion of that breed.

Did you know bananas grow upside down?

This was a new succulent for me. Looked like some odd cabbage or some other vegetable.

I laughed out loud! The man marked the place where the dog can suntan.

Bingo! The long awaited plant is now blooming. The nice surprise was that the owner had some of these planted in a smaller pots. And he gave me one. For free! It will bloom next year. Please pray that I can keep it alive that long!

Another new plant: pretty with lots of little bits inside.

A very cute Frenchie. I think he was surprised I didn't pet him. 

Another new plant. At first it looked like yellow bugs. But I'm glad to report that isn't the case. And not so glad to report I have no clue what type of plant this is!
But I am able to let you know the dog pictured above is a pitbull. And a very calm and quiet one. Yay.
A squid lure. My hubby loves Giant Squid. This is the best I could do! Thank you all for reading.

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