Sunday, May 16, 2021

Flowers and Poodles

Now that Hanauma Bay is done for a while (for me at least), I can get back to walking and seeing cool dogs and flowers!

The cactus that has such pretty flowers (I remember something in its name like Dickinsonii, maybe) is evading me again. PlantSnap isn't really finding the flower. But I'll keep trying!

There will be a bazillion more blooms soon!

I discovered that they bloom only annually, so I'll be enjoying them while they are around.

The nice gardener gave me a starter in a pot, so I'll be able to see my own year. Hope I can keep it alive that long.

The bud on the right will soon be another bloom.

This very  nice dog just watched me....of course, I didn't pet it. But as I walked away, it barked! Apparently my visit wasn't long enough....

Saffron Finch 

Rain and then rainbows.

I picked one of these weeds (people take them out of their gardens, like weeds. Perhaps they are.)
I brought it home and within an hour, even though I placed it in water, it faded and curled up.

You, too, may one day be a big lizard!

This Pitbull now appears where the cool shepherd used to live. The latter may still be in that same domicile, but I haven't seen it for a while. (I later found out the shepherd got into an altercation with another dog, while protecting its housemate. It had to be put down. Very sad.)

This was the coolest poodle! The owner allowed me to pet her. She sat and enjoyed it all. They are hypo-allergenic, so I'm told. So far, no allergic effects.

I can hardly wait for all these buds to bloom!

Hibiscus have a place, too.

This is Mondo grass. Doesn't need to be cut.
Close-up of the helicopter plant. No, that's not its real name, but it is what it reminds me of!

This is close to the purple passionflower in PlantSnap.

The lady whose husband grows the roses decorates her entry/garden with gnomes.
The only kind of bees that my husband is allowed to be near.

The two dogs that fight each other. After barking at me.
And then the Golden has to get into the act.

So enthusiastic, it barked itself off its front feet.

I saw a boy looking at this baking set later...more men in the kitchen, I say!
Not only lovely and creamy, but wonderfully fragrant!

I think these will be yellow blooms, not the scarlet kind.
I enjoy taking pix of plants that endure while under difficult circumstances.

Water lilies. Very pretty and complex.

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